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ProtoGENI Clearinghouse Information Page

Information last updated on 25 January 2011

Information for Experimenters

Experimenter Authentication This clearinghouse authenticates experimenters from US institutions. Experimenters must provide a URL to page describing the project that requires GENI resources.
Experimenter Attributes Collected The following information is collected about experimenters: Full name, job title/position, institutional affiliation, email address, postal address, phone number, project name, project description, and project URL.
Clearinghouse Privacy Policy Link to privacy policy: ??
Acceptable Use Policy All GENI experimenters granted credentials by this clearinghouse must abide by the GENI Recommended Use Policy.
Obtaining Experimenter Credentials To obtain GENI experimenter credentials please complete the form at

Information for Aggregate Provides

Aggregate Listing This clearinghouse lists all aggregates that belong to the Cluster C of the GENI project and also select Emulab installations.
Aggregate Provider Agreement All aggregate providers must agree to the GENI Aggregate Provider Agreement.
Associating with the Clearinghouse To associate with this clearinghouse you must be listed on the GENI wiki as a Cluster C project. [NEED INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO APPLY.]

Listed Aggregates

U. of Utah Emulab Collection of over 400 co-located PCs and programmable switches in the Internet2 backbone
U. of Kentucky Edulab A smaller instance of the U. of Utah Emulab Link to web page for aggregate
U. of Wisconsin WAIL testbed A networking testbed consisting of over a dozen Cisco switches that can be used to connect about 20 PCs in arbitrary topologies Link to web page for aggregate
BGPMux A BGP session multiplexer that allows experimenters to set up networks with their own AS number and make BGP advertisements Link to web page for aggregate
CRON A reconfigurable optical network emulator aggregate connected to the GENI backbone over Louisiana Optical Network Initiative (LONI). Link to web page for aggregate
PrimoGENI A large-scale, real-time network simulator, enabling slices involving both physical and simulated networked components. Link to web page for aggregate
CMULab (1) HomeNet nodes with multiple wireless interfaces and a TV tuner card, located in residences, sometimes behind NATs and sometimes with direct IP connectivity. (2) A wireless channel emulator Link to web page for aggregate
Programmable Edge Node A high performance and programmable edge node (PEN) that provide virtualized network interface cards (VNICs) and virtual containers to support concurrent experiments (e.g. virtual routers) on shared substrate. Link to web page for aggregate
Million Node GENI Platform for networking and distributed systems research that runs on over 1000 end-user systems worldwide Link to web page for aggregate

Clearinghouse Management

Management Authority Flux Research Group, University of Utah
Operations POC Testbed Operations
Technical POC [ Prof. Robert Ricci