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Project Title Project Title: Embedding real-time substrate measurements for cross-layer communications
a.k.a. Programmable Optical Metrics Interface (obsolete)
a.k.a. Embedded real-time measurements
a.k.a. ERM

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator: Keren Bergman
Postdoctoral Fellow: Dr. Franz Fidler Franz Fidler
Student Developer: Caroline Lai

Participating Organizations Columbia University - New York City


Ensure GENI includes the technology to support cross-layer communications, specifically, the ability to incorporate a diverse set of real-time measurements in networking protocols. The project addresses the GENI challenge of architectural experimentations across diverse heterogeneous technologies by supporting real-time cross-layer communications and measurements. Our objective is to develop networking capabilities within the GENI infrastructure that enable deeper exposure of cross-layer information and user access to real-time measurements.


ERM: GENI requirements for real-time measurements
ERM: Develop specifications and networking protocols
ERM: Perform discrete-event network simulations
ERM: Develop a software architecture
ERM: Support the GPO in developing an experimental use-case
ERM: identify a candidate control framework

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GPO Liason System Engineer

John Jacob

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