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    100100''[ Technical Note Milestone S2.a]''  We outline a prototype implementation of the UMF using a NetFPGA Cube. The UMF uses both software (processor) and hardware (NetFPGA card) components in order to access the measurement data from embedded networking equipment.  [[BR]]
    101101''[ Technical Note Milestone S2.b]''  We demonstrate a software interface that is capable of obtaining physical layer measurements from a measurement subsystem, specifically the Polatis switches in the ORCA-BEN network. [[BR]]
     102''[ Technical Note Milestone S2.c]''  We demonstrate a working NetFPGA-based UMF prototype by implementing an experimental use-case at the Lightwave Research Laboratory at Columbia University. [[BR]]
     103''[ Technical Note Milestone S2.d]''  We integrated the UMF subsystem with the Cluster D network substrate. We integrated the developed hardware and software resources of UMF with the BEN infrastructure at the RENCI PoP. [[BR]]
     104''[ Technical Note Milestone S2.e]'' We designed the XML data exchange software modules for the UMF to interact with the researcher or intermediate measurement software architecture, and then demonstrated the interoperability of these software modules with BEN at RENCI by running a cross-layer optimized digital media streaming application across BEN. [[BR]]
     105''[ Technical Note Milestone S2.f]''  We proposed the design and development of a more universally deployable version of UMF consisting of (a) a suite of software and a NetFPGA to expand optical-layer measurement capabilities; (b) a set of active optical components (SOAs, VOAs, etc) to enable cross-layer control.[[BR]]
    102106[  Spiral 2 Review Slides][[BR]]