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GENI Registry Services
a.k.a Digital Object Registry, DIGOBREG

Technical Contacts

PI Larry Lannom ( / 703 620 8990)
Giridhar Manepalli ( / 703 620 8990)
Christophe Blanchi ( / 703 620 8990)

Participating Organizations

Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI)
1895 Preston White Drive, Suite 100
Reston, VA 20191 - 5434


The scope of work on this project is to adapt the Handle System and/or a Digital Object Registry to realize a clearinghouse registry for principals, slices, and/or components in a selected GENI Spiral 1 control framework (possibly using XML RPC), and capable of supporting limited operations in Year 1. Also, to analyze how the Handle System and/or a Digital Object Registry could be used to identify and register GENI software, including experimenter’s tools, test images and configurations, and test results. And finally, to define the operational, scaling, security, and management requirements, plus recommended design approaches, for implementing GENI clearinghouse and software registry services.


milestone:"DigitalObjectRegistry: Plan to meet registry needs of at least one control framework."
milestone:"DigitalObjectRegistry: Security requirements for implementing Clearinghouse and Registry Services."
milestone:"DigitalObjectRegistry: Plan to use Digital Object Architecture for experimenter tools and services."
milestone:"DigitalObjectRegistry: Adapt digital object architecture to meet clearinghouse registry needs."

Project Technical Documents

Project Presentations

Digital Object Architecture and GENI
GENI Registry Services
Digital Object Architecture "Lightening Talk"

Spiral 1 Connectivity

Not yet associated with a control framework. Expect to use IP addresses for registry, but addressing plan depends on control framework integration plan.

No special GENI layer 2 connectivity needs for virtual Ethernet connections.

GPO Liason System Engineer

Vic Thomas

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