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GEC7 Demo Planning

The entire summary of Demo Session at GEC7 is located at this ticket -

Add your demo material

To share visuals/presentations/screen shots of your demo, please upload them on this web page - GEC7Demos.

Shipping information

Meeting Materials should be sent to -

Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club
3001 Cameron Boulevard 
Durham, NC 27705
(919) 313-2183

Attn:  Jonathan Campbell
Convention Services Manager

Hold for:
Cherise Richardson or Wanda Mickens

Closest Fedex Print Center

If you wish to print out posters or other supporting materials this Fedex office is closest to Demo Arena and the Conference Hotel.

Fedex Office and Print
610 9th Street
Durham, NC 27705
Phone #: (919) 286-1000


C - Hotel - 3001 Cameron Blvd, Durham, NC 27705

A - Fedex - 610 9th St Durham, NC 27705

B - Demo Arena - Duke University: Primate Center 595 S Lasalle St Durham, NC 27705

Directions from Conference Hotel and Demo Arena to Fedex print Center

Poster Information

20 x 30 inches poster boards available

Directions from Hotel to Demo room

The GENI Poster/Demo/Networking Session is taking place at Fitzpatrick Center in the Duke Campus on 03/16 from 5:30 - 8:30pm. Here are the directions on how to get to the Demo Arena.

A - Hotel - Washington Duke Inn & Golf Club: Durham North Carolina Hotels 3001 Cameron Boulevard Durham, NC 27705

B - Demo Arena - Duke University: Primate Center 595 S Lasalle St Durham, NC 27705

Directions from Conference Hotel to Demo Room

Contact Information

Heidi Dempsey - 617-877-1834

Nidhi Tare - 785-317-8467

Spreadsheet containing Demo Requirements

If you have submitted your demo requests using tickets, you can view them in this table. The attachments are the Demo Room layouts. If you have any questions please send them to NIDHI.

Project TicketClusterContactProjectorProjector ScreenTable SpaceTable 6 feet units# of wired connections# of wireless connections# of Static IPsPosters# of AC ConnectionsMonitorSpecial Request
KanseiORCAzengw@cse.ohio-state.edu11space for 2 laptops and monitor1020141-VGAnone
ONTIMEProtoGENIPrasad Calyam11space for 2 laptops and 1 monitor1020141-VGAWe will need to access a web-server on a ProtoGENI machine on Internet2 backbone. So, our web-traffic should be permitted to enter/exit Internet2 backbone from the demo venue.
SPPPlanetLabjdd@ar1.wustl.edu1 (may bring 1 of the 2 requested)2 space for 2 laptops1200040none
ERMORCAcaroline@ee.columbia.edu11space for 1 laptop0.5010120Would like to be stationed near ORCA groups
ProtoGENIProtoGENIricci@cs.utah.edu11space for 1 laptop110013 (may be 2)??Specifically, can route to I2's special address space that is only advertised to I2 member institutions
PrimoGENIallmeraz001@cis.fiu.edu1 (may bring their own)1space for 2 laptops1220130stable connection needed. can be wireless or wired
TIEDTIEDfaber@isi.usc.edu1 (bringing their own)1space for 2 laptops1202230none
iGENIORCAjim-chen@northwestern.edu00space for 3 laptops and 1 monitor2111141 24-30(VGA)2 vlans on one 10GE pipe from Chicago to N.C over NLR, termination point in N.C. TBD, depends on location of equipment in N.C and available of ports & bandwidth from NLR/RENCI/BEN/Duke networks.
ViSEORCADavid Irwin11space for 2 laptops1210130Require a VLAN connection to NLR as part of Cluster D
DiCloudORCADavid Irwin00share table with ViSE0.5000100Co-located with ViSE
MILLGENIProtoGENIjustinc@cs.washington.edu11space for laptop0.5010020none
GUSHPlanetLabjeannie@cs.williams.edu11space for laptop0.5010120none
RavenPlanetLabjhh@cs.arizona.edu11space for 2 laptops0.5200030requested adjacent to PlanetLab demo
INSTOOLSProtoGENIgriff@netlab.uky.edu11space for 2 laptops1020130none for 2 laptops1202130none
LEARN-2ORCAdgurkan@uh.edu00colocate with IMF1020100none
S3MONITORProtoGENIpuneet.sharma@hp.com00space for 1 laptop and 1 monitor0.5100121(any)none
ORCABENORCAckh@renci.org00space for 5 laptops and 1 monitor1030261 (bringing their own)none
IMFORCAIlia Baldine11space for 2 laptops0.5020130none
UMLPENProtoGENIYan Luo11space for 2 laptops1200130none
DOMEORCAtdevries@cs.umass.edu00space for 1 laptop0.5010010May need one VLAN port
VMIAllbhay.ak@gmail.com11space for 2 laptops, 1 monitor, and 1 switch1100151 (any)none for 4 laptops1404250 I2 (L2 or L3) connection required (optional). I2 connection between ETRI/KISTI-Korea and GENI(Duke) is provided, we will additional consider this scenario (e.g., end-to-end slicing across Korea - US national boundaries) We are also collaborating with ProtoGENI (Utah) and GMOC (IU) teams
GENICloudPlanetLabRick McGeer00space for 3 laptops and 3 monitors2030163 (DVI)none
DSLProtoGENIrowe@cs.ucdavis.edu11space for 2 laptops1200030none
GMOCAllcviecco@grnoc.iu.edu1(may bring their own)1space for 2 laptops (may be)1200140none
WiMAXORBITIvan Seskar00space for laptops (at least 2) and other hardware12021at least 20none
OFCLPlanetLabKuang-Ching Wang22space for 3 laptops1300250one connection for video conferencing session, one connection for Xwin/ssh tunnel
OFUWAOpenflowarvind@cs.washington.edu11space for 2 laptops1000020none
OFRGOpenflowIvan Seskar11space for 2 laptops1000120none
SCAFFOLDPlanetLabsteveko@cs.princeton.edu00No table space. Just poster presentation0000100none
MAXPlanetLabTom Lehman01space for 3 laptops and 1 monitor1101261 (bringing their own)I would like to know ahead of time if the demo session will be on a network which is connected to the Internet2 IP network. That is will the room be able to reach other institutions like MAX over the Internet2 network. I would think that if demo room is on the regular Duke campus network that will probably be fine. If it is possible for you to let us know in advance what the address/netmask will be for the one static address, that would be helpful.
GpENIPlanetLabjpgs@ittc.ku.edu11space for 1 laptop0.5010130none
netKarmaAllchsmall@grnoc.iu.edu00space for 2 laptops0.5410120co-located with GUSH
GCiiORCA/BENckh@renci.org00space for 5 laptops and monitor1030181 (bringing their own)none
CMULABProtoGENIpgunn@cs.cmu.edu00space for 2 laptops1200130none
OFWIPlanetLabakella@cs.wisc.edu11space for 2 laptops1020130none

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