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    137137||'''Project Ticket'''||'''Cluster'''||'''Contact'''||'''Projector'''||'''Projector Screen'''||'''Table Space'''||'''Table 6 feet units'''||'''# of wired connections'''||'''# of wireless connections'''||'''# of Static IPs'''||'''Posters'''||'''# of AC Connections'''||'''Monitor'''||'''Special Request'''||
     139== Wireless Network ==
     141The dedicated demo wireless network is:
     143  ESSID: Internet2
     144  Encryption: none
     146The ESSID is "hidden", so you will need to input it into your computer manually.                                                             
     148Once you are connected, you will need to click-through a Duke connection agreement, which you can reach by browsing to any web page.                                                                           
     150IP addresses are dynamic, but should not change for the duration of the demo session.                                                           
     152== Wired Network ==
     154The demo wired (ethernet) network is accessible from the ethernet cables at the demo tables.
     156Your MAC address must be registered before you can use the wired network.  If you need to connect a machine, please find a GPO staffer (someone wearing a white-and-orange "GENI" t-shirt), and give them your MAC address.  The staffer will get your address registered and let you know when it is ready to use.
     158Once your address has been registered, it will be available via DHCP, or you can assign it manually if you prefer, with the parameters:
     160  IP: <as provided>
     161  Netmask:
     162  Gateway:
     163  DNS1:
     164  DNS2:
     166The address you are given will not change for the duration of the demo.