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Substrate Working Group Deliverable and Schedule Page

Substrate Working Group deliverables will appear here as they are developed.


The schedule for working group activities will be attached to this page. Important upcoming dates include the second GENI engineering conference and the upcoming solicitation. See the wiki home page for announcements.


The deliverables called out by the working group charter include:

  1. One brief (20pp) overview document:
    1. List of component types
    2. List of common attributes to be "managed": hardware, resources, etc.
    3. List of risks: high-risk items called out here--details relegated to specific substrate areas
    4. Research drivers for component/capability (table derived from science plan)
    5. Substrate enabling capabilities table (super set of (4) for TBD research)
    6. Working group dependencies
    7. Description of what can/should be implemented by Oct 2008
  1. One brief (20pp) document for each substrate/and/or/component type (e.g. Network; DWDM Terminal; Optical Switch; Digital Switch; Storage Cluster; Processor Cluster; Wireless Sensor Node; A Sensor Network Site (aggregate); Wireless net)
    1. high level functional architecture
    2. initial capabilities definitions
    3. projected development schedules with dependencies and identified risks
    4. Technology Readiness Levels, and best effort cost estimates.

The charter is a topic to be discussed at GEC4 during the substrate working group session. The deliverables above are currently not planned.

The deliverables discussed at GEC3 include:

  1. Substrate WG Documents and Dates specific to solicitation 1
    1. Spiral 1 Substrate Catalog (final version due 5/1/09)
    2. Substrate Capabilities based use-case(s) derived from Spiral 1 Substrate Catalog (final version due 6/1/09)
  1. Substrate WG Documents and Dates (GENI Design)
    1. Aggregate Subsystem Technical Description (final version due 7/1/09)
    2. Aggregate ICD derived from Aggregate Subsystem Technical Description and Substrate Catalog (final version due 8/1/09)

Developing Drafts

A draft of the Spiral 1 substrate catalog can be found here. This catalog is based on input from the various Spiral 1 projects providing substrate technologies. The information requested by the GPO is provided on the Requested Information Page.

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