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MyPLC Aggregate


This MyPLC aggregate supports the GENI Aggregate Provider Agreement (11/03/2010).

MyPLC Aggregate Overview

Aggregate Manager URL
Aggregate Resources This MyPLC aggregate includes 5 dedicated PCs s (three via Internet2, two via NLR), that can load Fedora images. OpenFlow topologies are supported, for details see GPOLab MyPLC OpenFlow Aggregate page.
Typical Experiments The GPO MyPLC testbed is suited for experiments that can use shared user-level compute resources. Experimenters can get VServer-based slivers providing user-level access to Fedora Linux.
Aggregate Status
Slice Authorities Recognized GENI Project Office (, PlanetLab (
Usage Policies A GENI Recommended Use Policy is available. Site should also add links here to their own usage policies.
Layer 2 Connectivity NLR and Internet2

The following is the layout of the GPO MyPLC Aggregate compute resources:

Aggregate Management

Aggregate Operator GPO Infrastructure Group, BBN Technologies:
Resource Owner GPO Infrastructure Group, BBN Technologies:
Technical POC GPO Infrastructure Group, BBN Technologies:
Developer Links Software pages: PlanetLab GIT; Project page: MyPLC Project; Mailing lists:,

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