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Project Title

EDSL (Davis Social Links) on GENI
a.k.a. DSL

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator S. Felix Wu
Co-PI Peter Seigel
Co-PI Chen-Nee Chuah

Participating Organizations

Computer Science
University of California
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

Information and Educational Technology
University of California
Davis, CA 95616

Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California
Davis, CA 95616

GPO Liaison System Engineer

Mark Berman


This work will port and deploy the Davis Social Links (DSL) system prototype as an early GENI experiment of ProtoGENI. DSL will support a number of advanced communication features such as social keyword based routing, reputation and trust control along the route paths, community-oriented networking, anonymity, and application dualism (a separation between the end2end semantics and social-network based access control). The project will address privacy and other issues related to making traffic from DSL available to other experiments on GENI.

Current Capabilities

BRIEF descriptions of resources/functions/tools that are available to anyone in the GENI community


MilestoneDate(DSL: S2.a Messaging app on CyrusDSL available to FB community)? Messaging application on CyrusDSL available to the FB community
MilestoneDate(DSL: S2.b Plan for DSL/FB applications on ProtoGENI)? Plan for porting and deploying DSL/Facebook applications to ProtoGENI
MilestoneDate(DSL: S2.c Launch suite of games based on the DSL FB kernel)? Launch suite of online social networking/Facebook games based on the DSL Facebook kernel
MilestoneDate(DSL: S2.d Dualism support for email clients)? Dualism support for regular email clients.
MilestoneDate(DSL: S2.e DSL/FB application ported to ProtoGENI)? DSL/Facebook application ported to ProtoGENI.
MilestoneDate(DSL: S2.f Updated plans for DSL/FB apps)? Updated plans for public launch of DSL/Facebook apps.
MilestoneDate(DSL: S2.g Launch of DSL/FB instance on ProtoGENI)? Launch of DSL/FB instance on ProtoGENI with new applications.
MilestoneDate(DSL: S2.h Federated version of decentralized DSL kernel)? Federated version of decentralized DSL kernel launched (Cyrus + ProtoGENI).
MilestoneDate(DSL: S2.i Report on experiences)? Report on experiences with DSL/FB apps on ProtoGENI

MilestoneDate(DSL: S3.a Demonstration and Outreach at GEC9)?
MilestoneDate(DSL: S3.b Demonstration and Outreach at GEC10)?
MilestoneDate(DSL: S3.c Demonstration and Outreach at GEC11)?
MilestoneDate(DSL: S3.d Software and Documentation)?

Project Technical Documents

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Quarterly Status Reports


Spiral 2 Review Presentation

Spiral 2 Connectivity

Links to wiki pages about details of infrastrcture that the project is using (if any). Examples include IP addresses, hostnames, URLs, DNS servers, local site network maps, VLANIDs (if permanent VLANs are used), pointers to public keys. GPO may do first drafts of any of these and have the PI correct them to bootstrap. May also include ticket links for pending or known connectivity issues. Many projects will have a full tree of wiki pages here.

Related Projects

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