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draft version of 1st quarter report for data plane measurements project

Data Plane Measurements Progress Report (1/1/2009-3/31/2009)

1. Project Activities this Quarter

Review of Substrate Technologies

Embedded Measurements

Clusters' Embedded Measurement Status

2. Milestones achieved

Review of Substrate Technologies Embedded Measurements

3. Deliverables made

4. Project participants

Deniz Gurkan – PI
Roopa Krishnappa – graduate student

5. Publications (individual and organizational)

None yet.

6. Outreach activities

Connection with LEARN through D. Gurkan's ISSNet lab (Interoperable Smart Sensors and Networking Lab) Evaluation agreement with Infinera to host a DTN node at UH and Rice has been signed with LEARN (Lonestar Education and Research Network).

7. Collaborations

Discussions with ORCA/BEN (with Ilia Baldine and Jeff Chase) on creation of measurement resource interfaces.