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DTunnels Quarterly Status Report for 4Q 2008

I. Major accomplishments

A. Milestones achieved

  • BGPMux control plane configuration and README file

The BGP Mux control plane configuration has been successfully tested and deployed on two VINI nodes with upstream connectivity from PSG Net.

The GENI Trac Web site has a bare-bones README file describing the setup. We are in the process of augmenting this setup to support data plane connectivity to downstream client networks.

B. Deliverables made

  • BGPMux initial configuration and README.

We have deployed a version of the BGP Mux on two VINI nodes and integrated the BGPMux with upstream connectivity from Verio and Sprint on the VINI testbed.

We have published a README describing the setup. This README is a working document which we will update with more details as we continue to develop the BGPMux.

II. Description of work performed during the last quarter

A. Activities and Findings

  • BGPMux Development

In addition to the deployment of the BGP Mux on the VINI testbed, we have been working with the ProtoGENI group to deploy the BGPMux on the ProtoGENI nodes.

  • Upstream Connectivity for BGP Mux

We have not received any confirmation from the GPO or from other groups that the ProtoGENI nodes will have upstream connectivity or IPv4 prefixes to announce from the ProtoGENI testbed.

  • Tunnels Development

We have begun investigating libvirt as a mechanism for creating virtual networks (nodes and links), as a possible interface to the protoGENI clearinhouse/control framework.

We have an initial setup whereby a controller can create virtual nodes and links via the libvirt interface in an OpenVZ environment. The next step will involve creation of virtual links with tunnels via the libvirt interface, and meeting with the ProtoGENI group to ensure that their control framework will support this interface.

B. Publications (individual and organizational)

None this quarter.

C. Outreach activities

None this quarter.

D. Collaborations

ProtoGENI: Held a discussion with this group about how the libvirt interface can be integrated with the ProtoGENI control framework. We have not yet finalized any design/interfaces. We are also hosting two ProtoGENI nodes at Georgia Tech.

E. Other Contributions