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     1= DTunnels Project Status Report: 2Q09 =
     3== 1. Major accomplishments ==
     5This report covers activity from April 1 to June 30, 2009.
     7=== 1.1 Milestones achieved ===
     9We have achieved the following four milestones:
     11  * DTunnel: BGP mux operations with PSGnet (Completed late 05/22/09)
     13== 2. Description of work performed during last quarter ==
     15=== 2.1 Activities and findings ===
     17Our activities and findings include the following:
     20  * '''Deployment of BGP Mux at Additional Sites: PSGNet.''' With the
     21  help of Randy Bust at PSGNet, we have deployed a
     22  BGP Mux that has a direct layer 2 connection (via a VLAN) to the
     23  Wisconsin border router and can announce a /21 IP prefix via
     24  Wisconsin's upstream providers.  Currently, we are unable to announce
     25  any prefix from this location because Randy has not updated his
     26  filters to allow our prefix announcements.  This prompted us to update
     27  the IRR (below), but he has not yet updated his filters accordingly.
     29  * '''Registration of Route Objects at ARIN IRR.''' To ensure that the
     30    IP prefix can be announced from different upstream ISPs, we
     31    registered the both our temporary IP prefix and the GENI AS number
     32    (AS~47065) in the ARIN Internet routing registry.
     34  * '''Georgia Tech campus GENI network deployment.''' We continue to
     35    build a campus network deployment that can run enterprise-level
     36    experiments and use the BGP Mux as a means of getting upstream
     37    connectivity to and from these upstream ISPs.
     39'''Continued work on ongoing issues:'''
     41  * '''Integration of topology creation with upstream connectivity.'''
     42    We are working on developing a unified set of scripts or topology
     43    creation and creation of upstream connectivity.
     46=== 2.2 Project participants ===
     48Professor Nick Feamster: PI[[BR]]
     49Vytautas Valancius: BGP Mux lead developer[[BR]]
     50Yogesh Mundada: DTunnels lead developer[[BR]]
     51[Both Valancius and Mundada are Ph.D. students at Georgia Tech.]
     53=== 2.3 Publications (individual and organizational) ===
     55We published a writeup describing a demonstration of the BGP Mux and
     56associated applications that could be run using the BGP Mux to SIGCOMM
     59   ''Transit Portal: Bringing Connectivity to the Cloud''[[BR]]
     60   Vytautas Valancius, Yogesh Mundada, Nick Feamster, Jennifer Rexford,
     61   Akihiro Nakao
     63This writeup is available on the project wiki.
     65=== 2.4 Outreach activities ===
     68None during this period.
     70=== 2.5 Collaborations ===
     72  * '''Princeton University''' We are collaborating with Princeton on
     73  virtual network applications that can make use of the BGP session
     74  multiplexer.  Notably, we have helped Princeton undergraduate student
     75  Patrick Wendell (working with Jennifer Rexford) to deploy an initial
     76  service that uses the BGP Mux.
     78  * '''University of Tokyo''' We are collaborating with University of
     79  Tokyo in an attempt to deploy the BGP Mux in that location.  Graduate
     80  student Valas Valancius spent summer in Tokyo working with this team.
     82We have a planned collaboration with Jerry Sobieski at NordUNet planned
     83for 4Q 2009.
     87=== 2.6 Other Contributions ===
     89'''Testbed Network''' We are building out a campus network testbed for
     90testing both DTunnels topology creation and BGP Mux on the campus
     91network.  The test network spans three buildings on campus and includes
     92roughly ten servers and five OpenFlow-enabled switches.  Although this
     93testbed deployment is technically out of the scope of the original
     94proposal, we intend to use it as a platform for using both BGP Mux and
     95the DTunnels topology creation service.
     97Progress on this testbed during 2Q 2009 included deployment of several
     98switches in one building on campus and provisioning of VLANs and fiber.