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Slivers and Slices in a Diverse, Outdoor, Mobile Network Testbed

Testbed name: Diverse Outdoor Mobile Environment (DOME)
a.k.a., Vehicular Mobile Network (obsolete title)

Technical Contacts

Principal Investigator: Brian Levine, UMass Amherst,
Co-Principal Investigator: Mark Corner, UMass Amherst,
Research Staff: Brian Lynn, UMass Amherst,

Participating Organizations

UMass Amherst, Amherst, MA
Microsoft Research, Redmond,WA
HP Laboratories, Princeton, NJ
Intel Research, Hillsboro, OR
Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA


The scope of work on this project is to extend the DOME outdoor, mobile network testbed to support slivering and utilize a GENI candidate control framework (ORCA). This work includes the following items. 1) A virtualized operating system on the vehicular computers using Xen, which will allow for the isolation of experiments and customization of the operating environment, as well as permitting each experiment to begin from a known configuration. 2) Virtualized access to attached devices, including a 802.11 radio, GPS, and 900 MHz radio on each bus. 3) Standardized, general GENI mechanisms to authenticate users, install customized software and experiments, schedule DOME resources, and to log results. 4) Integration, deployment and access to GENI users.


DOME: 1a Implement, integrate and document the required DieselNet hardware updates Completed
DOME: 1b Implement, integrate and document the Xen operating system and its virtualization features
DOME: 1c Implement, integrate and document virtualized access to the WiFi radio
DOME: 1d Import and setup a GENI-compliant control framework based on ORCA
DOME: 1e Implement, integrate and document a first release (v1.0) of the software
DOME: 1f Demo basic virtualization and experiment control functions
DOME: 1g provide a VLAN connection from your testbed’s server to the Internet2 backbone network

Website maintained by UMass Amherst: GENI - DOME web site

Project Technical Documents

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Quarterly Status Reports

ORCABEN: 4Q08 Status Report

Spiral 1 Connectivity

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Location of equipment: For Spiral 1, all work will be done via a lab at UMassAmherst. However, the intention of this project is deploy equipment on mobile nodes in DieselNet (see the DOME web site for a description of DieselNet's current deployment.). Some engineering to prepare for mobile deployment will also be conducted during Spiral 1.

Layer 3 Connectivity: IP access will be through UMass Amherst's campus network, using their public IP addresses.

Layer 2 Connectivity: There is currently no usable layer2 connection to the UMass Amherst lab available for GENI. The project is investigating the possibility of installing local fiber that could enable a connection to NLR through an appropriate regional network. If installed this fiber would support both the DOME and ViSE projects in Spiral 1 and in later stages that include support for mobile nodes. Layer 2 ethernets will not extend to the DieselNet nodes, due to limitations in the existing deployed systems, but IP tunnels to the layer 2 VLAN termination points should be feasible for connecting mobile endpoints to the GENI virtual ethernets.

IT contact at UMass Amherst ?

Substrate and Connectivity Catalog

GPO Liason System Engineer

Harry Mussman

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