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    4343== Current Capabilities ==
    45 The scope of work on this project is to extend the DOME outdoor, mobile network testbed to support slivering and utilize a GENI candidate control framework (ORCA). 
     45The DOME software was completed. This includes:
     46o Final testing of the ability to run user-defined experiments in a virtual
     47environment on the bricks (computers on the buses).
     48o The completion of the DOME portal. The portal allows users to upload
     49files (VM partitions), create experiments, schedule experiments and
     50perform maintenance tasks.
     51o Field verification of the disruption tolerant interface between the buses
     52and the portal for downloading experiments and communicating leases.
     53o The addition of a logging facility with persistent storage and an export
     54facility, integrated with the portal.
     55o A workaround to allow the canceling of leases was implemented in the
     56DieselNet Controller, and an interface was provided via the DOME portal.
     57• The DOME GENI software was distributed to all buses in August. This involved
     58re-imaging and re-installing the hard drives on all bricks.
     59• DOME completed its integration with ORCA. The ability to distribute actors
     60between UMass and RENCI was verified.
     61• We have announced the availability of DOME to external GENI researchers.
     62• We implemented DOLPHIN, a lightweight scheduler that allows us to
     63temporarily take ORCA offline to perform maintenance and install ORCA
     64updates without disrupting DOME on the buses.
     65• Documentation and software was posted to the portal.
     66o Various utilities to reduce the size of partitions, test the launching of
     67experiments, generate log files, etc. were made available.
     68o Examples of experiments, methods to access devices, etc. were posted on
     69the portal.
     70o Documentation was written and placed to the portal. This included
     71documentation so that users can have their own development bricks.
     72• DOME's virtualization capabilities were demonstrated at GEC5. We showed the
     73ability to schedule and launch experiments on a DOME brick. This was done
     74using ORCA as the framework.
     75• An MOU was agreed upon with the UMass Office of Information Technology
     76(OIT) regarding connecting Internet2 to the DOME and ViSE servers, along with
     77VLAN access. 
    4779== Milestones ==