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     3= DOME Project Status Report =
     5Period: 3Q10
     7== DOME Buses ==
     8The test bed is fully operational. We have several people running
     9experiments. The test bed has been 100% utilized since April.
     11We continue to add features in response to our users' needs. Most
     12recently we added a tool to that allows a user to get the
     13historical routes and stops of the buses that executed
     16We have finalized and tested the changes to support the ORCA
     17bella release. Additionally, we changed the DOME reservation
     18policy to allow researchers to reserve a portion of the test bed.
     19Previously, a user could only reserve the entire test bed, so
     20only one experiment could be run at a time. To implement this
     21change, we use multiple units in the resource pool. We also made
     22changes to how DOME communicates leases to buses, to prevent
     23thrashing of experiments from one bus to another.
     25== DOME WiMAX ==
     26We have finalized the location for the WiMAX base station,
     27including both the indoor and outdoor equipment.
     29We received the outdoor equipment from Rutgers. We also purchased
     30an omni-directional antenna.
     32UMass Facilities has a quote out for the work.