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     3= DOME Project Status Report =
     5Period: 2Q10
     7== DOME (Buses) ==
     8DOME is fully functional and is being actively used for research.
     9We have added and improved tools to help researchers who are
     10executing experiments, including tools for monitoring the status
     11of experiments and reporting historical data. We have also
     12improved the tools used internally, so that we can better detect
     13and isolate problems.
     15We have compiled DOME with the "bella" release of ORCA, though it
     16is not deployed. We are awaiting the release of ORCA
     17documentation to evaluate new ORCA features. We still expect to
     18make use of the cancel lease operation. We have also created a
     19test harness that should allow us to debug and validate new
     20releases of an integrated DOME controller/handler with ORCA,
     21without affecting the operational DOME test bed.
     23The software to support the 900MHz radios in DOME virtual
     24environments is complete and has been deployed on the buses. Our
     25scheduling and diagnostic tools now also include support for the
     26900MHz radios.
     28DOME provided a demo of the fully integrated test bed at GEC 7.
     30The UMass VLAN is operational. It has been connected to BBN via
     31NoX, and we have been able to create an isolated subnet than
     32includes RENCI. The VLAN is shared with ViSE. The ViSE team did a
     33demo at GEC 7 that made use of the VLAN.
     35Our REU student is running experiments on DOME.
     37== DOME (WiMAX) ==
     38Though UMass had a WiMAX license we opted to get a separate
     39license for DOME GENI usage. This will allow DOME to use a
     40portion of the WiMAX spectrum that is independent of UMass's
     41allocated frequency. Our license was applied for in December 2009
     42and granted in March 2010.
     44We have started discussions with UMass OIT and the UMass Physical
     45Plant regarding placement of the base station. We have a
     46tentative site for the base station identified; we are scheduling
     47a meeting with all parties in an effort to finalize the plans.
     49We have had some discussions with Ivan Seskar regarding WiMAX
     50clients for the buses. Though bus clients are not a deliverable
     51until next year, we hope to start evaluating some hardware and
     52begin understanding what the technical challenges will be.
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