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     1= GENI: DOME and DOME WiMAX =
     3Status Report[[BR]]
     4Year 3, Status 3 (GEC 11, Final)[[BR]]
     5September 2011[[BR]]
     7Projects: 1599 and 1731
     9'''Major Accomplishments'''
     11 * The WiMAX base station is installed in the LGRT and fully operational.
     12 * The WiMAX bricks are complete and have been deployed on the planned 3 buses.
     13 * The DOME management software has been updated to be WiMAX aware and is operational.
     14 * Have taken GPS location measurements (by running experiments) of signal strength and packet exchanges.
     15 * Worked with BBN and Rutgers to define an reliable base station configuration.
     16 * Updated the documentation on the DOME web site; uploaded software.
     19'''Milestones Completed'''
     21 * Documentation and Code Release. Completed. Base station, bus software and management software are all deployed. Documentation is on the DOME web site (DOME S3.d, WIMXUMASS S3.d)
     22 * Demonstration at GEC 11 and Experimenter Outreach. Completed. Results of experiments were shown at GEC 11. (DOME S3.e, WIMXUMASS S3.e)
     23 * Final Documentation and Code Release. Completed. The documentation has been updated and placed on the DOME web site. The software for creating DOME WiMAX experiments and customizing the kernel is on the DOME web site. (DOME S3.f, WIMXUMASS S3.f)