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Status Report
Year 3, Status 2 (GEC 10)
March 2011

Projects: 1599 and 1731

Major Accomplishments

  • WiMAX base station operational (in lab)
  • Resolved WiMAX client issues for bricks/Xen/Linux
  • Have WiMAX working in a Xen virtual guest domain
  • WiMAX data path operational: client able to communicate with router connected to the base station (brick Xen client and Windows laptop)
  • Have moved from SimpleAuthManager to the Aggregate Manager

Milestones Achieved, Deliverables Made

Present a demo using WiMAX base station node, including the ASN Gateway, and the new DOME brick server, equipped with a WiMAX modem (not yet deployed on buses).

We didn’t specifically show it at GEC10, but the functionality described above has been demonstrated.

In the prior status report we described an issue where the brick’s PCIe slot did not work with the Intel 6250 WiMAX card. This was an issue because other clients, e.g., the Accton US210, didn’t support Linux. We were able to find a PCIe->USB converter for the Intel 6250, the Bplus Technology USBMA-625025. We were able to get the client working in a Xen guest domain, using a customized Linux 2.6.32 kernel for the host domain, and a customized Linux 2.6.37 for the guest domain.

We have modified various DOME infrastructure applications that run on the buses to support WiMAX and work with the ne configuration, and we have updated the DOME portal to support WiMAX. We have verified the individual components, though we haven’t yet deployed the entire workflow.

The base station is not yet deployed on the LGRC tower but has been set up in a lab in the CS building. We have successfully connected clients to the base station. We have also worked with Rutgers to get the Aggregate Manager set up.

The electricians are to start work in the LGRC any day now. The roofer has contract has been awarded.

Document prototype of brick supporting a WiMAX client (not deployed on buses).

The documentation is available on the DOME portal at