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Status Report
Year 3, Status 1 (GEC 9)
November 2010

Projects: 1599 and 1731

Major Accomplishments

  • Completed milestones documented below.
  • Continued integration with new ORCA releases.
  • Began development of bus clients for WiMAX.
  • Ongoing base station installation.
  • Ongoing support of the DOME test bed and experiments.

Milestones Achieved, Deliverables Made

Bring up DOME suite and virtualization on new bricks/motherboards.

This was completed. The DOME software is running on the new bricks. However, as presented at GEC 9, we have a problem where the new motherboards will not boot (they remain powered off) when the Intel 6250 WiMAX card is in the mini PCIe slot. We have taken the following actions.

  • Swapped cards and systems. We are certain it is and incompatibility between the hardware, as opposed to a defective module.
  • Purchased a prior generation Intel 5150 mini PCIe WiMAX card. This has the same problem.
  • Worked with our system vendor. We provided the vendor with a 6250 card and the vendor has shipped the card to the motherboard manufacturer. We are awaiting status from the manufacturer.

If this problem is not resolved it will present a serious setback toward meeting our future client milestones. The USB clients are not an option due to the current lack of Linux support.

Updated kernel with DOME.

This has been completed. Software and instructions are available on the DOME web site. Due to the issue documented above, we have not been able to do any testing of the kernel with WiMAX. It was anticipated that the kernel would provide the necessary WiMAX support, but this remains to be determined.

ORCA 2.1 support.

DOME has been integrated and tested with the Bella 2.1 release of ORCA. Testing of cancel (close) seems to indicate that the issue is now resolved.

Plans for a WiMAX demo.

We had some discussions about a WiMAX demo for GEC 10. We have no definite plans as of yet, and are awaiting the outcome of the hardware issues.

Other accomplishments.

We continue to make steady, though not rapid progress toward the installation of the WiMAX base station. The day after returning from GEC 9 the architects were on campus meeting with UMass facilities. We joined the meeting and resolved several outstanding issues. We finalized plans for the location of the antennas and decided that we would be able to locate the ODU indoors at a location that gives us physical access (allowing us to swap antenna coax cables).

Experiments continue to run on the DOME buses. We continue to spend time on maintenance of the equipment (mainly dealing with occasional file system corruptions due to the harsh physical conditions and abrupt power losses, and diagnosing loose peripherals and wires due to jolting and bus maintenance).