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     1= !DiCloud Tutorial at GEC12 =
     3This page summarizes the !DiCloud tutorial that was presented at GEC 12. Slides can be found here.
     5Tutorial section quick links:
     7* Pre-requisites
     8* Install dependent software packages
     9* Setup !DiCloud's MySQL database
     10* Create Amazon user credentials
     11* Register a user on Amazon EC2
     12* Setup environment variables
     13* Running the !DiCloud server
     14* Using the !DiCloud console
     15* Using the !DiCloud web portal
     16* Running a Gush experiment using !DiCloud and Orca
     18== Pre-requisites ==
     20 1. Install !VirtualBox:  Download the latest [ VirtualBox software].  If you already have !VirtualBox installed on your machine, make sure it is version 4.08 or above.
     22 Note to Ubuntu users: The version of !VirtualBox distributed with Ubuntu 10.04 is old.  Download the latest version from [ here].
     24 2. Download !VirtualBox VM image:  Download the !VirtualBox VM image (gec12-tutorials-final.ova) needed for the !DiCloud tutorial from here. A README with a copy of these instructions is also available at the same location.
     26 3. Install the gec12-tutorials-final.ova image: Start up !VirtualBox, select File->Import Appliance..., and follow the instructions. Accept the default VM settings during the import. To run the virtual machine, go to the Oracle VM !VirtualBox Manager window, select the virtual machine gec12-tutorial-final and click the green arrow labeled Start at the top of this window.
     28 If the install was successful, you should see the logon screen for the Ubuntu OS.  Passwords for logging into the VM will be handed out at the tutorial.
     30 4. Turn off the VM: Turn off the virtual machine by clicking on the power button icon on the bottom right of the screen.
     32 5. Note that this release of tutorial software is intended for use at the GEC12 tutorial only.  In particular, these directions are for Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS (Lucid Lynx).  To find out your version of Ubuntu, open a terminal and run:
     35$ cat /etc/issue
     36Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS \n \l
     39While the directions may work for other distributions, your mileage may vary.