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Site Connectivity Options

Layer-2 connectivity options for traffic between OpenFlow Campuses. "Public Internet" refers to various layer-2 over layer-3 technologies including GRE tunneling or Capsulator. NOTE: This information is subject to change, but is actively maintained. Please email us with updates and corrections.

For each option:

  • planned means a proposed/supported path
  • UP means that link is active, or was active at some point. This is a high-level indicator; view the campus page for specifics of various connections (such as VLANs and IP addresses).

CampusLocation Regional(s) I2 ION NLR FrameNet Public Internet
BBN Cambridge, MA, USA NoX UP UP --
Clemson Clemson, SC, USA SoX, SCLR -- UP --
Georgia Tech Atlanta, GA, USA SoX,SLR -- UP --
Indiana Bloomington, IN, USA GigaPop planned UP --
Princeton Princeton, NJ, USA Paetec, MAGPI -- -- --
Rutgers North Brunswick, NJ MAGPI UP -- --
Stanford Stanford, CA, USA CENIC -- UP --
U. Washington Seattle, WA, USA P.N. gigapop -- UP --
U. Wisconsin Madison, WI, USA WscNet, GPN,
OmniPop, SCLR
planned (1)UP --
K-State Manhattan, KS, USA KanREN, GPN UP -- --
==== ==== ==== === === ==
UMass Amherst Amherst, MA, USA NoX -- UP(2)--
Univ. of Utah Salt Lake City, UT, USAUEN -- UP --
==== ==== ==== === === ==
I2 SALT Node Salt Lake City, UT, USA-- UP -- --
I2 KANS Node Kansas City, MO, USA -- UP -- --
I2 WASH Node McLean, VA, USA -- UP -- --


  • (1) University of Wisconsin's ION connection is via ProtoGeni.
  • (2) UMass Amherst is using a VLAN connection through GPO to reach NLR FrameNet

Also, see WhatResourcesAreInGENI for a table of available resources.

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