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Site Connectivity Options

NOTE: This information is subject to change, but is actively maintained. Please email us with updates and corrections.

For each option:

  • planned means a proposed/supported path
  • UP means that link is active, or was active at some point. This is a high-level indicator; view the campus page for specifics of various connections (such as VLANs and IP addresses).
Campus Location Regional I2 ION NLR FrameNet Public Internet
BBN Cambridge, MA, USA NoX UP UP planned
Clemson Clemson, SC, USA SoX, SCLR planned UP --
Georgia Tech Atlanta, GA, USA SoX,SLR planned UP --
Indiana Bloomington, IN, USA GigaPop planned UP planned
Princeton Princeton, NJ, USA Paetec, MAGPI -- -- --
Rutgers North Brunswick, NJ MAGPI UP -- --
Stanford Stanford, CA, USA CENIC -- UP planned(GRE)
U. Washington Seattle, WA, USA P.N. gigapop planned UP --
U. Wisconsin Madison, WI, USA WscNet, GPN,
planned (1) UP --
K-State Manhattan, KS, USA KanREN, GPN UP -- --
===== ===== ===== == ==
UMass Amherst Amherst, MA, USA NoX -- UP(2) --
Univ. of Utah Salt Lake City, UT, USA UEN -- UP --
===== ===== ===== ==== ==== ====
I2 SALT Node Salt Lake City, UT, USA -- UP -- --
I2 KANS Node Kansas City, MO, USA -- UP -- --
I2 WASH Node McLean, VA, USA -- UP -- --


  • (1) University of Wisconsin's ION connection is via ProtoGeni.
  • (2) UMass Amherst is using a VLAN connection through GPO to reach NLR FrameNet

Also, see WhatResourcesAreInGENI for a table of available resources.

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