R6) Connect WiMAX sites to I2 backbone network, to support multi-site experiments

Manu Gosain (GPO), Fraida Fund (NYU Poly), Ivan Seskar (WINLAB)

  • Connect a WiMAX site to the GENI I2 backbone network
    • Update WiMAX RF Agg Mgr to map MS groups into VLAN tags
    • Add switch
    • Connect switch to I2 backbone
    • VLAN connections from each site to "L2 router" at WINLAB


  • When can other WiMAX sites can be added?
    • UCLA; has physical connection; needs to configure; when?
    • Wisconsin; when?
    • Clemson; when?
    • UMass Amherst; has physical connection; needs to configure; when?
  • How is core network configured to support multi-site experiments?
  • How is new Data-path GW Srvc use at site to interface with core network?

What are next steps? (Manu Gosain)

  • Establish planned configuration (due 11/15/12)
  • Establish plan with schedule to connect all sites (due 11/15/12)
  • Track connection of sites, and assist them as needed
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