CompSec Project Status Report

Period: (GEC 11 -GEC12]

I. Major accomplishments

A. Milestones achieved

We created the following documents

  1. GENI Clearinghouse Policy v. 0.3
  2. GENI Legal, Law Enforcement & Regulatory Plan v. 0.3
  3. GENI Aggregate Provider Agreement v. 0.4

B. Deliverables made

The milestones were specifically the documents we delivered, as listed above.

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

A. Activities and findings

Most of my time was spent on phone calls and mailing lists getting several questions about the federation and clearinghouse resolved. Many of these questions came up from Aaron Falk's GEC 11 presentation, though several were also simply unanswered from my draft CH policy document first mentioned at GEC 11. Most of these were addressed and the clearinghouse document was updated and circulated before GEC 12. At the GEC I held panel to resolve the major federation and clearinghouse open questions, focusing especially on what the clearinghouse does and why we need one. Afterwards, I wrote up an extensive report on the panel.

The LLR plan and Aggregate Provider Agreement also got minor updates, mostly to address changes in nomenclature, such as, a the switch from Management Authority to Aggregate Authority. New concepts were also reflected and well as some minor issues addressed.

Besides the clearinghouse discussions, the next most significant amount of my time was spent learning about ABAC and engaging in discussions about authN/Z in GENI. Much of this was done on the Dev and ABAC lists, but also at the GEC and on conference calls as well.

Finally, I continued in my role as the GENI LLR representative.

B. Project participants

Adam Slagell

C. Publications (individual and organizational)

The only related publications are the documents I created as the deliverables, listed in Section A.

D. Outreach activities

There have no been substantial out reach activities beyond those already within the GENI community. Most in-GENI communication has been on the ABAC and Dev email lists and some phone calls with the monitoring "task-force?"

E. Collaborations

None outside of normal GEC activities and discussions and phone calls with the GPO and other GENI projects.

F. Other Contributions


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