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     3= !CompSec Project Status Report =
     5Period: Q1 2010 (Jul 30–Nov 18, 2010)
     7== I. Major accomplishments ==
     9=== A. Milestones achieved ===
     12We created the following documents
     14  1.  Legal and Law Enforcement Process and Procedure document v. 0.2
     15  2.    Legal and Law Enforcement Process and Procedure document v. 0.2.1
     16  3.    Legal and Law Enforcement Process and Procedure document v. 0.2.2
     17  4. Operational Security Plan v. 0.5
     19=== B. Deliverables made ===
     20The milestones were specifically the documents we delivered, as listed above.
     22== II. Description of work performed during last quarter ==
     24=== A. Activities and findings ===
     25The majority of the work was on the "Legal and Law Enforcement Process and Procedure document" and the Operational Security Plan. The LLR document went through several revisions with a phone review and several email comments. It was then presented and accepted without issue at the GEC 10 in San Juan.
     27The Operational Security Plan draft was also finished just before GEC 10 and sent out to the OMIS mail list for feedback. None has been received yet, but we will do a phone review in the near future.
     29Some decisions need to be made in the near future as well. Someone must take on the role of the newly established GENI LLR Representative, and that person's new role must be communicated widely and publicly.
     31Also, as the Operational Security Plan is reviewed, we must decide when and if to fund GSO position and skeleton GENI-CSIRT team.
     34=== B. Project participants ===
     35Adam Slagell
     37=== C. Publications (individual and organizational) ===
     38The only related publications are the documents we created as the deliverables, specifically "egal and Law Enforcement Process and Procedure document"  and the Operational Security Plan
     40=== D. Outreach activities ===
     41There have no been substantial out reach activities beyond those already within the GENI community.
     43=== E. Collaborations ===
     45Other collaborations were just conversations and phone calls with other GENI participants (e.g., Steve Schwabb, Ted Faber, Justin Cappos and John-Paul Herron). These were mostly discussions and reviews of the documents and agreements we have been producing.
     48=== F. Other Contributions ===