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Coffee Woman

Coffee Woman remains an enigma among GENI experimenters. To this day, nobody fully understands the meteoric success of her experiment.

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The Experiment

GENI historians are divided on the intent and design of Coffee Woman's experiment. Some believe that Coffee Woman intended to promote innovations in network science, but there is surprisingly little documentary evidence.

What is clear from historical records is that Coffee Woman's GENI slice grew several times during her experiment. Beginning with resources from Aggregate A (a university campus), Aggregate B (a backbone network), and Aggregate C (a metropolitan wireless network), her slice soon grew to encompass additional resources from these aggregates. Later, she incorporated GENI-enabled cloud resources from Aggregate D, via federation with a cooperating, non-GENI clearinghouse.

The Dark Time

Perhaps Coffee Woman's most closely guarded secret is the emergency stop incident. She has never elaborated in public on the matter.

Well-Known Quotes

Coffee Woman fans will be familiar with all of these quotes, although only the last, which avoids her customary imperative form, has found its way into general usage.

  • Create my slice.
  • Experiment – Install my software, debug, collect data, retry, etc.
  • Make my slice bigger!
  • Make my slice even bigger!
  • Oops.