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    9595   The Homenet nodes themselves are located in residences, sometimes behind NATs and sometimes with direct IP connectivity.  To present a unified access mechanism for these nodes and to simplify the node management process, these nodes establish an SSL-based VLAN with the CMULab cluster control node (boss).  The nodes use the open-source OpenVPN SSL/TLS-based VPN software to establish the Homenet control VPN. 
     97'''System Status'''
     98   '''CMULab cluster machines''':  Online and managed by CMULab boss.  Available for experimental use by internal and external researchers.  Nodes currently only have one Ethernet interface - are mostly viewed as eventual end-nodes and traffic-shaping nodes for wireless experimentation, and as virtual-node hosts for Emulab-style experimentation.
     100   '''Homenet wide-area machines''':  Two nodes are operational sitting next to each other at CMU behind a NAT box installed here for testing purposes.  First "real-world" node to be deployed 3 Feb 2009.  Nodes boot from USB dongle, download disk images from the boss node over the Internet, install the image, transfer control, and boot up as a functioning testbed node.  Nodes now perform all interaction with the testbed control using their public/private keypair as only identifier.  As a result, testbed now supports nodes receiving dynamic addresses via DHCP and automatically updating database at CMULab with node-ID to dynamic IP address binding.  Multiple nodes can be behind the same NAT/IP address and receive configurations appropriately.
     102   '''Emulator nodes''':  Are operational and managed by CMULab boss.
    98105'''GPO Liason System Engineer'''