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    3434This project will build upon CMU’s existing cluster, neighborhood wireless/broad-band, and wireless emulation testbeds to concretely identify—and build prototypes of—the authentication, resource arbitration, and node management primitives needed to coherently deal with this very diverse set of resources. The project will integrate these testbeds with the ProtoGENI effort from the University of Utah, which is itself based upon that group’s Emulab software.
    36 The primary contributions of this work towards GENI Spiral 1 are the integration of HOMENET, CMU wireless emulator, and CMULab into the ProtoGENI control framework (includes federation & Internet2 connectivity); extension of HOMENET capabilities to support node/experiment management & isolation; definition/refinement of control framework elements such as RSpecs; and expansion of HOMENET user opt-in control.
    40 [[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: Get CMU ProtoGENI node on I2 VLAN)]]
    41 [[BR]]
    42 [[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: bare bones node configuration)]]
    43 [[BR]]
    44 [[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: emulator nodes integrated)]]
    45 [[BR]]
    46 [[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: Formulate initial RSpecs for wireless nodes)]]
    47 [[BR]]
    48 [[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: deploy and operate 2 HomeNet nodes in CMU lab)]]
    49 [[BR]]
    50 [[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: Tunneling packets from Utah to CMU)]]
    51 [[BR]]
    52 [[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: desired node config & boot mgmt functionality)]]
    53 [[BR]]
    54 [[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: Deploy and commence operations of 5 residential HomeNet nodes)]]
    55 [[BR]]
    56 [[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: Emulator user interface integration)]]
    57 [[BR]]
    58 [[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: IP-in-IP encap from CMU-Control to Homenet nodes)]]
    59 [[BR]]
    60 [[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: integrate with ProtoGENI control plane)]]
    61 [[BR]]
    62 [[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: integration of node-CMU and CMU-Utah tunnels)]]
    63 [[BR]]
    64 [[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: Merge patches into ProtoGENI distribution)]]
    65 [[BR]]
    66 [[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: student testbed use)]]
    67 [[BR]]
    68 [[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: GEC Demo)]]
    69 [[BR]]
    70 [[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab: Integrated experimentation between CMU testbeds)]]
     38[[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab:S2.a Automate VPN management)]] [[BR]]
     39[[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab:S2.b Define RSpecs for wireless channels)]] [[BR]]
     40[[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab:S2.c IRB approval for broader Homenet user access)]] [[BR]]
     41[[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab:S2.d Better Support for Testing and Upgrades)]] [[BR]] 
     42[[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab:S2.e Ehernet VLAN-based Control and Data Plane)]] [[BR]]
     43[[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab:S2.f Expanded Homenet testbed)]] [[BR]]
     44[[MilestoneDate(CMU Lab:S2.g RSpecs as basis for CMUlab-emulator coordination)]] [[BR]]
    7246'''Project Technical Documents'''[[BR]]