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Cluster E and WiMAX Deployment Call on Jan 27, 2011


BBN Technologies Harry Mussman, Tony Michel, Manu Gosain, Heidi Dempsey
NEC Laboratories America Sampath Rangarajan
WINLAB Ivan Seskar, Ray Raychaudhuri, ?
Columbia Univ Sung-Hoon Seo
Polytechnic Institute of NYU Thanasis Korakis
UCLA Giovanni Pau
Colorado Dirk Grunwald
UMass Amherst Brian Lynn
Wisconsin Suman Banerjee, Derek Meyer, Josh Hare

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Deployment Status (one slide from each campus)

Columbia University (1770) PI: Henning Schulzrinne Sung-Hoon Seo: slides

Polytechnic Institute of NYU (1751) PI: Thanasis Korakis Thanasis: slides Focusing on measurements with iperf; many variations in urban area.

UCLA (1797) PI: Mario Gerla, Giovanni Pau Giovanni: Focusing on debugging driver; Xen with 6250 via minipci; can see Clearwire, but not GENI; throughput of 1 - 6 Mb/s; need to put dialog on mailing list.

Colorado: (1768) PI: Dirk Grunwald Univ. of Colorado, Boulder Dirk: Have built new physically-small server, ubuntu, added quad ethernet; to fit near IDU; need campus IT to backhaul ethernet; so far, only windows clients.

UMass Amherst (1731) PI: Mark Corner, Brian Lynn Brian: slides BS setup; issued RFP for installation; Xen VM with 6250 via USB; can't get to recognize GENI profile.

Wisconsin (1724) PI: Suman Banerjee Derek Meyer: slides BTS working indoors, power at 0dBm plus attenuator; connected to USB210 (beceem) client; ping with delay of 100ms. (Ivan: min delay approx 80ms.) ASN GW server power supply failed; Ivan has ordered a new one, expect arrival soon.

BBN Technologies, Cambridge MA Tony Michel on range and capacity: (see below)

Deployment Status Summary

On Jan 27:

Campus Who Indoors Outdoors Using Intel 6250 modem? Access to GENI backbone? Comments
Columbia University Jan Janak Yes Plan Feb 2011 Yes ? Indoor testing started; received info request from Clearwire
Polytechnic Institute of NYU Thanasis Korakis - Yes Yes ? Working on mobile stations and measurements
University of California, Los Angeles Giovanni Pau - Yes Intel 5130 modem Campus via CENIC to I2 for Internet Outdoor testing starting
University of Colorado, Boulder Dirk Grunwald Yes Plan Feb 2011 x Pricing campus tunnel to I2 Working with campus IT; outdoor testing started
University of Massachusetts Brian Lynn Plan soon Plan March 2011 Yes, with USB, under Xen I2 Facility plan revised; prelim shading analysis completed
University of Wisconsin, Madison Derek Meyer Yes Plan Feb 2011 x I2 is in next lab Plant mgmt to install on Waisman Ctr
BBN Technologies Tony Michel - Yes Yes I2, NLR Outdoor iperf testing underway
Rutgers University Ivan Seskar - Yes Yes I2 Plan Bush Campus install by Feb 2011

Software Installation

Documentation and procedures (Manu Gosain) Finally able to see some parameters in BTS, with early WiMAX RF GS, showing WiMAX protocol adaptation.

Mobile Stations

Linux PC with Intel WiMAX card (Tony Michel and Tom Cahill) Working towards building an image from scratch.

HTC EVO handset (Giovanni Pau) Will get one in Europe, end of Feb, Vodaphone dealer, unlocked. How can we get more?


Range and capacity at BBN (Tony Michel and Tom Cahill)
Tony: Testing with iperf; reliable up to 0.25mi, rates from 1 to 13 Mb/s; other times, won't connect, and ul seems to be the limit; finally able to see some parameters in BTS, with WiMAX RF GS, showing WiMAX protocol adaptation.
Suman at Wisc: Has done lots of drive tests, results consistent; Cisco 8-element array at BS; Cisco desktop modem in vehicle, with patch antenna; up to 1 mile.

Range and capacity expectations (Sampath Rangarajan) Can NEC provide guidance on what to expect? Can NEC verify/suggest parameters to change?
Sampath: If we provide data, he will query NEC in Japan.
Possible parameters to change: HARQ; power level; add 2nd ODU and antenna for MIMO.
Rajesh can help.

Establishing an experiment exchange (Harry Mussman) Where? this wiki? When to start? Who can help?
Yes, GENI wiki OK.
Start experimenter mailing list (Ivan, Harry)

GENI WiMAX Licenses

Campus Call Sign Frequency [MHz] Location Comment
Columbia University WF2XIU 2590 NL 40-48-34; WL 73-57-36
Polytechnic Institute of NYU WF2XJM 2590 NL 40-41-41; WL 73-59-09
WF2XJM 2610 NL 40-41-39; WL 73-59-10
University of Colorado, Boulder WF2XJV 2572 NL 39-59-53; WL 105-15-07
WF2XJV 2572 NL 40-00-24; WL 105-16-17
WF2XJV 2572 NL 40-00-26; WL 105-15-47
WF2XJV 2572 NL 40-00-29; WL 105-16-04
Universty of California, Los Angeles WF2XLG 2572, 2590 NL 34-04-09; WL 118-26-36
WF2XLG 2572, 2590 NL 34-04-19; WL 118-27-05
WF2XLG 2572, 2590 NL 34-04-00; WL 118-26-31
University of Massachusetts WF2XGQ 2590 NL 42-23-37; WL 72-31-55
BBN Technologies WF2XHS 2512.5 (5 MHz) NL 42-23-18; WL 71-08-57
WF2XHD 2590 NL 42-23-18; WL 71-08-57
University of Wisconsin, Madison 2545
Rutgers University WE2XWE 2590 NL 40-31-17; WL 74-27-40
WE2XWE 2610 NL 40-28-05; WL 74-26-44

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