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Cluster E Integration

1. Projects

(Campus WiMAX deployment projects)
WiMAX Integration
Cognitive Radio
Programmable Radio Study

Process for updating Milestones, submitting QSRs

2. Meetings and Demos

Suggested mailing lists for Cluster E and WIMAX Integration participants:
GENI mailing lists, including the dev, discuss and geni-announce lists, plus working groups that cover your interests.
mail to for PIs. / subscribe / mailman archieve
mail to for users / subscribe / mailman archieve

Cluster E Review Meeting June 29, 2009
Cluster E Meetings at GEC 5 July 20 and 21, 2009

WiMAX Base Station Demo at GEC 6, November 17, 2009

Cluster E and WiMAX Deployment Call on February 8, 2010
Cluster E and WiMAX Deployment Call on March 1, 2010

Cluster E and WiMAX Deployment Meetings at GEC7 on March 16 and 17, 2010, Agenda and Notes

Cluster E and WiMAX Demo Plans for GEC8 and GEC9

3. References and Documents

Cluster E Overview Drawing
ORBIT diagram
ORBIT Testbed
OMF (cOntrol and Management Framework)
Current OMF documents
OML Overview (wiki)
OML Overview (slides)
ORBIT to PlanetLab Interoperability
GENI WiMAX Project: System Engineering Summary
ORBIT Experiments (getting started)

4. Roadmap

4.1 Goals

4.2 Connectivity

ORBIT Connectivity
(WiMAX connectivity from WINLAB follows ORBIT connectivity)

4.3 Experiments

ORBIT Experiments (getting started)

4.4 Interoperability

ORBIT to PlanetLab Interoperability

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