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Cluster D Integration

Projects ORCA/BEN] DOME] ViSE] KanseiSensorNet] Embedded Real-Time Measurements]

Meetings and Demos

ORCA-fest May 28, 2009, web site
Cluster D Review Meeting July 2, 2009
"ORCA/BEN Integration Demo with Stitching of VLANs between BEN and NLR", July 7, 2009
"ORCA/BEN Integration Demo July 7, 2009, web site
Cluster D Meetings at GEC5 July 20 and 21, 2009


GENI - ORCA web site, including ORCA code and ticket system
Cluster D Clearinghouse at RENCI ; get login from Ilia Baldine
Subscribe to Cluster D mailing list (, for PIs and senior personnel, to discuss administrative cluster-wide issues
Subscribe to CLuster D mailing list (, primarily for developers, to discuss technical issues about the implementation, etc.


This is a list of documents and other information related to Cluster D integration.
Additional documents may be found on the project and GPO pages.

Prototype DOME controller and handler modules for ORCA, 2009


Spiral 1 Plan Document, on 7/02/09
Spiral 2 Roadmap slides, with task ratings, on 7/21/09
Cluster D Roadmap Document, on 10/15/09
Cluster D Roadmap Drawings, on 10/15/09



DOME and Federated Scheduling, i.e., towards an experiment that utilizes resources from multiple testbeds


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