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Cluster B

This is a partial list of documents related to Cluster B integration. Additional documents may be found on the project and GPO pages.

Cluster B Integration Meeting on February 13, 2009


A Cluster B integration meeting was organized by the GPO and held in Denver on February 13, 2009, to review and agree on how networking aggregates will be  supported by the Cluster B GENI control plane in Spiral 1.  Key technical  contributors for the PlanetLab and Enterprise GENI projects attended, along with  representatives from other networking projects in Cluster B, and the SPP (server)  project.  The PI from the !ProtoGENI project also attended, since !ProtoGENI must  support networking and interoperate with PlanetLab.  See below for copies of slides and related  documents. 

The Cluster B control framework is based on PlanetLab, which has well established  arrangements for interfacing with nodes (servers) that can include links.  The  PlanetLab GENI project has provided “GENIwrapper ” code that could be used to  independently develop an Aggregate Manager for a networking entity;  currently the  GpENI project intends to use this interface design approach. 

However, the Enterprise GENI project examined the PlanetLab code and expressed  concerns about the time and effort it may take to integrate OpenFlow equipment  and meet their deployment goals given the current state of the code and interfaces.   Instead, they suggested the introduction of a “lightweight” protocol, fully defined by  a WSDL, for use between a modified Cluster B Slice Manager (SM) and a new  “lightweight” Aggregate Manager (AM) that would be part of the OpenFlow  equipment.  Guido Appenzeller presented a detailed proposal of their approach at  the meeting.   

After a lively and candid discussion among all parties, an approach was formulated  and agreed upon to allow the introduction of a “lightweight” protocol into Cluster B,  and support it alongside existing protocols.  This seems to have the lowest risk in  meeting Spiral 1 integration goals.  A “starter kit” of code for the new AM and a  modified SM will be provided by the Enterprise GENI project (Guido Appenzeller).   In particular, Enterprise GENI proposed to write the first revision of the WSDL file  to define the Web Services interface.  Then, the PlanetLab GENI project (Larry  Peterson) will integrate this code into their SM so that both approaches would be  supported during Spiral 1, on a project by project basis.  This should allow the  Enterprise GENI project to meet their ambitious deployment goals, and it will  exercise a “lightweight” protocol within Cluster B and GENI. 

Other topics were discussed durithat GENI should begin to focus RSpec for resource description. 


Spiral 1 Requirements. Enterprise GENI/PlanetLab Milestones. - Heidi Picher Dempsey, GPO

Cluster B Options for Enterprise GENI (and other projects). Harry Mussman, GPO

PlanetLab Based Control Framework for GENI. - Larry Peterson, PlanetLab, Princeton Univ (audio)

Enterprise GENI. - Guido Appenzeller, Enterprise GENI, Stanford Univ

GpENI Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation. - Caterina Scoglio, GpENI

Mid-Atlantic Crossroads MAX. - Chris Tracy, MAX


DRAFT PlanetLab GENI Control Framework Overview. Harry Mussman, GPO

GeniWrapper Design (wiki) - Larry Peterson, PlanetLab, Princeton Univ

PlanetLab Implementation of the Slice-Based Facility Architecture. - Larry Peterson, PlanetLab, Princeton Univ

Slice-Based Facility Architecture. - Larry Peterson, PlanetLab, Princeton Univ

Red/blue marked up diffs between the Nov 2008 and Feb 2009 versions of the Cluster B Slice-Based Facility Architecture document. - Chris Tracy, MAX

Notes & Actions:

Notes from meeting, with summary and action items. - Harry Mussman, GPO


DRAGON notes received from Chris Tracy on 030909 - Chris Tracy, MAX

Topology example, for DRAGON notes

First release of GENILight, GENI wrapper code customized for Enterprise GENI - Rob Sherwood, EnterpriseGENI

Project Review 06-30-2009

Notes from 06/30/09 Project Review

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