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Cluster B

This is a partial list of documents related to Cluster B integration. Additional documents may be found on the project and GPO pages.

Cluster B Integration Meeting on February 13, 2009

This meeting was held to investigate how to best integrate network components and aggregates into Cluster B.


Slides and Documents:

Goals for This Meeting. - Aaron Falk, GPO

Spiral 1 Requirements. Enterprise GENI/PlanetLab Milestones. - Heidi Picher Dempsey, GPO

Cluster B Options for Enterprise GENI (and other projects). Harry Mussman, GPO

DRAFT PlanetLab GENI Control Framework Overview. Harry Mussman, GPO

PlanetLab Based Control Framework for GENI. - Larry Peterson, PlanetLab, Princeton Univ

Audio of Larry Peterson's presentation and group discussion

GeniWrapper Design. - Larry Peterson, PlanetLab, Princeton Univ

PlanetLab Implementation of the Slice-Based Facility Architecture. - Larry Peterson, PlanetLab, Princeton Univ

Slice-Based Facility Architecture. - Larry Peterson, PlanetLab, Princeton Univ

Red/blue marked up diffs between the Nov 2008 and Feb 2009 versions of the Cluster B Slice-Based Facility Architecture document. - Chris Tracy, MAX

Enterprise GENI. - Guido Appenzeller, Enterprise GENI, Stanford Univ

GpENI Great Plains Environment for Network Innovation. - Caterina Scoglio, GpENI

Mid-Atlantic Crossroads MAX. - Chris Tracy, MAX


Notes from meeting, with summary and action items. - Harry Mussman, GPO


DRAGON notes received from Chris Tracy on 030909 - Chris Tracy, MAX

Topology example, for DRAGON notes

First release of GENILight, GENI wrapper code customized for Enterprise GENI - Rob Sherwood, EnterpriseGENI

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