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    125125Our goal of CRON federation is to aggregate CRON with other ProtoGeni and Planetlab sites through GENI framework. Federation between CRON and BBN GPOLab within ProtoGeni has been demonstrated at GEC 9. Federation between CRON and PlanetLab MAX has been demonstrated at GEC12.
     127Federation CRON with ProtoGENI@BBN GPOLab
     129Federate CRON testbed with ProtoGeni to connect one server at CRON testbed and one server at GPOLab at BBN. Using the ProtoGeni package on Emulab, we are able to reserve external resources from other ProtoGeni site. The data interfaces at both sides are connected into Internet2 through ION layer 2 services.
     134Federation CRON with PlanetLab@MAX
     136For GENI aggregation, at first, a GENI clearinghouse authenticates experimenters and issues them credentials needed to obtain GENI resources for experimentation.  Then GENI aggregates provide resources to experimenters with GENI credentials. A GENI slice holds a collection of computing and communications resources capable of running an experiment or a wide area service. And RSpec is the mechanism for advertising, requesting, and describing the resources used by slice. The Internet2 ION Aggregate Manger does VLAN stitching to connect CRON and MAX as a coherent network. CRON will use the GENI Aggregate Manager API, including Flack and Omni. The GENI Aggregate Manager API provides a common interface to Aggregate Managers, including PlanetLab, ProtoGENI, and OpenFlow. Also, network stitching will be provided for CRON to connect into GENI through Internet2. GENI network stitching operation is to construct a topology of substrates as represented by their Aggregate Managers. Each Aggregate Manager has a unique Rspec which defines its Substrate resources. Rspecs is a topology description of the individual substrate.
    128142=== Milestones ===