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     3== Project Number ==
     7== Project Title ==
     9CR-GENI - Cognitive Radios for GENI Spiral II [[BR]]
     10a.k.a.  COGRADIO
     13=== Technical Contacts ===
     15PI: Dirk Grunwald
     16Univ. of Colorado, Boulder
     21Ivan Seskar 
     22WINLAB / Rutgers University 
     24 [[BR]]
     26Peter Wolniansky
     27Radio Technology Systems, LLC
     31=== Participating Organizations ===
     33[   "Univ. of Colorado, Boulder"][[BR]]
     34[   WINLAB / Rutgers University, North Brunswick, NJ] [[BR]]
     38=== Participating Organizations ===
     41[  GENI Projects at WINLAB][[BR]]
     43[  NICTA,  Alexandria, NSW, Australia] [[BR]]
     47=== GPO Liaison System Engineer ===
     49Harry Mussman
     52== Scope ==
     54The scope of work on this project is to leverage a commercial IEEE 802.16e WiMAX base station product to prototype an open, programmable and virtualizable base station node that could work over a metropolitan area and connect with off-the shelf WiMAX handsets and data cards.  This includes the following steps: 
     55 1) Develop an open/virtualizable WiMAX base station with external control and data API’s.   [[BR]]
     56 2) Import a control framework from the Orbit project, and implement GENI-specific software on an external Linux-based PC controller for the WiMAX base station, demonstrating basic GENI compliance:  virtualization, slice setup & resource management, L2/L3 programmability, and opt-in for off-the shelf terminals.  [[BR]]
     57 3) Integrate the GBSN with backhaul options to validate and demonstrate the total access networking solution, including VLAN connections to a GENI backbone network.  [[BR]]
     58 4) Demonstrate the GBSN capabilities in a phased manner, starting with controlled lab tests of each GENI feature and then migrating to a small-scale outdoor trial with off-the-shelf WiMAX terminal equipment.  [[BR]]
     59 5) Develop a deployment plan for multi-cell WiMAX services in GENI, including guidelines for site selection, frequency allocation, network backhaul and equipment/operating costs.  [[BR]]
     62=== Current Capabilities ===
     64(At end of Spiral 1)
     67=== Milestones ===
     69[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: 1a Delivery of two NEC Release 1 802.16e base stations)]]
     70[  status]
     72[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: 1b Validate open API capabilities of the WiMAX base station)]]
     73[  status]
     75[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: 1c Import a GENI-compliant control framework from the ORBIT project)]]
     76[  status]
     78[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: 1d First release v1.0 of GENI base station node software)]]
     79[  status]
     81[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: 1e Demo basic functionality of base station)]]
     82[  status]
     84[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: 1f VLAN connections to the GENI backbone network)]]
     85[  status]
     88[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: S2.a Outdoor WiMAX available to GENI users)]]   [[BR]]
     89[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: S2.b Cluster plan for VLANs between testbeds)]]  [[BR]]
     90[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: S2.c Demo main base station functions)]]   [[BR]]
     91[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: S2.d Demo VLAN connection to backbone)]]   [[BR]]
     92[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: S2.e Federate with other cluster testbeds)]] [[BR]]
     93[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: S2.f WiMAX client platforms study)]]  [[BR]]
     94[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: S2.g Integrate latest OMF code)]]   [[BR]]
     95[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: S2.h Demo experiments with multiple testbeds)]]   [[BR]]
     96[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: S2.i Testbed available to GENI users)]]   [[BR]]
     97[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: S2.j Release v2.0 of basestation code for first WIMAX kits)]]   [[BR]]
     98[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: S2.k GMOC access to WIMAX operating data)]]   [[BR]]
     99[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: S2.l POC to GENI response team)]]   [[BR]]
     100[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: S2.m POC to GENI security team)]]   [[BR]]
     101[[MilestoneDate(WiMAX: S2.n Contribution to GENI outreach)]]    [[BR]]
     105== Project Technical Documents ==
     107[  GENI WiMAX Project:  System Engineering Summary][[BR]]
     108[  API Specification for Virtualized WiMAX Basestation]
     110[  "D. Raychaudhuri and Editors M. Gerla, “New architectures and disruptive technologies for the future internet: The wireless, mobile and sensor network perspective” Report of NSF Wireless Mobile Planning Group (WMPG) Workshop, August 2005"]
     112[  "Open Base Station Architecture Initiative"] [[BR]]
     113[   “Android: An Open Handset Alliance Project" ][[BR]]
     114[    "”NEC’s broadband wireless access products”, NEC Corporation Technical White Paper"][[BR]]
     115[  "“Wireless virtualization in GENI”, GDD-06-17, 2006"] [[BR]]
     116S. Paul, R. Yates, D. Raychaudhuri and J. Kurose, "The Cache-and-Forward Network Architecture for Efficient Mobile Content Delivery Services in the Future Internet", to appear in ITU-T Next Generation Networks (NGN) Conference, Geneva, May 2008.
     120=== Quarterly Status Reports ===
     122[  "WiMAX:  4Q08 Status Report"][[BR]]
     123[  "WiMAX:  1Q09 Status Report"][[BR]]
     124[  WiMAX:  2Q09 Status Report][[BR]]
     125[  WiMAX:  Review on June 28, 2009][[BR]]
     127=== Spiral 2 Connectivity ===
     129(see [wiki:ORBIT] connectivity section.)[[BR]]
     131=== Participating Projects ===
     133(Campus WiMAX deployment projects)  [[BR]]
     134[  WiMAX Kit] [[BR]]
     135[  WiMAX Design and Prototype] [[BR]]
     136[  ORBIT Design and Prototype] [[BR]]
     137[  GENI Projects at WINLAB][[BR]]