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Cognitive Radio Kit Project Status Report

Period: Q1 2010

I. Major accomplishments

A. Milestones achieved

MilestoneDate(COGRADIO: S2.a Roadmap for stand-alone and infrastructure-class platforms)?
MilestoneDate(COGRADIO: S2.b Phase 1 radio card for stand-alone system)?
MilestoneDate(COGRADIO: S2.c Integrate stand-alone platform)?

B. Deliverables made

The prototype platform was made remotely available for external collaborators. The CRKit platform (both hardware and software) was also successfully demonstrated at GEC7.

II. Description of work performed during last quarter

A. Activities and findings

B. Project participants

The project participants are: Dirk Grunwald (PI) from Colorado University, Prasanthi Maddala, Khanh Le and Ivan Seskar (Co-PI) from Rutgers University and Peter Wolniansky (Co-PI) from RTS LLC.

C. Publications (individual and organizational)

None so far.

D. Outreach activities

Two positions on the project are planned for the WINLAB Summer Internship.

E. Collaborations

This CRKIT team actively collaborated on platfrom development with Kuang-Ching (KC) Wang from Clemson University (PI of MPRADIO project) and Milind Buddhikot from Alcatel-Lucent.

F. Other Contributions