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Digital Object Registry

GENI Quarterly Report – April 1, 2010 through June 30, 2010

1. Major Accomplishments

The overall scope of work on this project has been and continues to be the application of CNRI’s Digital Object Architecture, specifically the Handle System, Digital Object Registry, and Digital Object Repository, to solve the information management tasks associated with the development of the GENI virtual laboratory for networking experimentation. This includes the network resources, both hardware and software, which are available to researchers, as well as experimental configuration and the data resulting from the experiments. Specifically, our plan, developed in coordination with the GPO, has been to start by building a clearinghouse registry for principals, slices, and components in at least one GENI Spiral 1 control framework, capable of supporting limited operations in Year 1 and extending that functionality to additional frameworks and to additional functions in Year 2. This has been done for ProtoGENI and the service continues to evolve and is available for use with additional frameworks. Further, we have used our core technology to support essential operations of Million Node GENI, and to design and prototype facilities to register and manage GENI experiments and the resulting experimental data.

During this quarter, we continued participation in various GENI activities and programs, and also continued our collaboration with GENI members including University of Utah and University of Washington, and had productive interactions and design discussions with other participants in the security and I&M areas. Specifically, we

  • Completed automation of the ingest process for federating ProtoGENI clearinghouse records into the GENI Federated Clearinghouse.
  • Continued to provide operational support for the Million Node GENI project through the use of the Digital Object Registry technology, replacing their use of the Distributed Hash Table (DHT) service. The Digital Object Registry is now part of the Million Node GENI production environment.
  • Continued to make available a Digital Object Repository service that enables a unified and consistent mechanism for managing various experimental resources such as test cases, software packages, results, etc.
  • Made progress on security design for Spiral 2, to be reported on for milestone S2.d
  • Implemented continuously operating GENI Federated Clearinghouse.

1.a Milestones achieved:

  • Completed GENI Federated Clearinghouse implementation and federation with ProtoGENI, including automated ingestion (milestone DIGOBREG S2.c).
  • Implemented continuously operating GENI Federated Clearinghouse (milestone DIGOBREG S2.e), available at

1.b. Deliverables:

During this quarter, we delivered the GENI Federated Clearinghouse, as specified in the above milestones.

2. Description of Work Performed

2.a. Activities and Findings During This Quarter

GENI Federated Clearinghouse (GFC)
During this quarter, we completed the automated process that federates ProtoGENI clearinghouse records as a routine process. This enables potential clients to view the current state of ProtoGENI managed resources from the federated clearinghouse. Through interactions with both PlanetLab and ORBIT, we have made preliminary plans for integration of their information into the GFC. While it seems unlikely that we will find the resources to complete that integration during this spiral, it could be scheduled in the third option year, depending on GPO priorities.

Automating the federation process involved:

  1. using the ProtoGENI client scripts to interact with the clearinghouse in a programmatic fashion,
  2. parsing the information from the ProtoGENI clearinghouse records, and identifying which information changed since the last update,
  3. serializing the identified information into ‘create’, ‘update’, or ‘delete’ operations for the federated clearinghouse to process, and
  4. finally requesting the federated clearinghouse to process those operations.

Much of this work was accomplished in previous quarters and discussed in detail in our previous QSR. The challenges in using the ProtoGENI client scripts to interact with an external environment, which they were never intended for, were solved during this quarter and the automated ingestion service was begun.

The automated process is currently run on a weekly basis, but is configurable and could be run daily or multiple times per day.

Security Architecture
We continued our analysis of the application of our Digital Object Architecture to GENI security architectures, with a primary focus on the trust model, including distributed authentication, and privilege revocations. To this end we met with Steve Schwab (ABAC project) to discuss this topic with particular attention to the possible integration of Shibboleth and the Handle System. Our report on this will be delivered during the final quarter of this spiral.

Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M)
CNRI continues to participate in the I&M working group, including discussions with the responsible GPO engineer. Both Giridhar Manepalli and Jim French were invited to and attended the I&M workshop in Chicago on June 8th and are have been assigned to various sub working groups. Specifically, we can contribute data management expertise, including data formats, metadata approaches, and data storage and retrieval strategies.

2.b. Project Participants

CNRI has discussed its project activities with a number of other GENI participants, but all work done this quarter was done by CNRI alone or with the cooperation of ProtoGENI and Million Node GENI personnel. Names and email addresses of key CNRI participants are available on the GENI wiki page for the project. Dr. James French, relatively new senior CNRI staff member, has interest and expertise in the area of our GENI activities and will consult on the project as needed and as available. Robert Ricci, Leigh Stoller, and Srikanth Chikkulapelly from ProtoGENI and Justin Cappos from Million Node GENI collaborated with us during this quarter.

2.c. Publications

No publications were produced this quarter.

2.d. Outreach and Collaboration Activities

CNRI, specifically project PI Laurence Lannom, Giridhar Manepalli and Christophe Blanchi, attended various technical discussions in the ProtoGENI bi-weekly tele-conferences and also participated in various GENI mailing lists. Giridhar Manepalli and Jim French attended the I&M workshop in Chicago. In addition to participation in the I&M sessions and mailing lists, we have had interactions on I&M topics with OSU (Prasad Calyam), Purdue (Sonia Fahmy). Finally, we have met with Steve Schwab on security topics and that discussion will inform our report on the subject.