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    11= GENI CC-NIE Workshop =
     3GENI is an NSF-funded initiative that is deploying a national-scale testbed to support research and education. Many schools that have received NSF CC-NIE grants also have GENI-related activities and others are planning to use GENI-associated technologies (SDN, GENI Racks, WiMax/LTE).  Indeed, many of these awards include funding for GENI-related technologies. While GENI’s primary motivation is support for research on networking, distributed systems and applications, the advent of new technologies and interest by campus IT organizations have led to a commonality of interests between GENI, central IT organizations and researchers in a wide variety of fields.
     5The GENI CC-NIE Workshop was held at NSF on January 7-8, 2013. The program focused on the technical aspects of GENI and on issues that may impact campus deployment and inter-campus interoperability of GENI technologies.   Recipients of CC-NIE awards were invited to send senior IT staff with responsibility for their campus networks. The 60 attendees came from 33 universities, 4 regional/national R&E networks, the GENI Project Office and the NSF.
     7Workshop presentations may be accessed via the pointers included in the following Agenda. In addition, 27 universities gave short presentations describing their CC-NIE awards, their campus infrastructure plans, with emphasis on SDN/GENI components, and campus points of contact [wiki:CCNIEWorkshop/CampusTalks].
     9Larry Landweber, GPO (
    311== Monday, January 7, 2013: ==