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     1=== R3) Airspan Profile-C Base Station, with Associated Hardware and Software ===
     2Ivan Seskar (WINLAB) and Harry Mussman (GPO) [[BR]]
     5a)  Choice of Airspan to provide a WiMAX base station for new GENI WiMAX sites [[BR]]
     6NEC is not able to provide a WiMAX base station for new GENI WiMAX sites [[BR]]
     7WINLAB and the GPO have decided to purchase base stations from Airspan, a commercial company pursuing target customers such as universities and small carriers. [[BR]]
     8For example, the Univ of Colorado at Boulder IT Dept has installed an Airspan system with 4 sectors, that covers the campus.  They have been pleased with Airspan. [[BR]]
     9WINLAB has a frim quote from Airspan for their MacroMAXe profile-C WiMAX base station unit, and related items. [[BR]]
     11[  Airspan brochure][[BR]]
     12[  MacroMAXe Product Specification]  [[BR]] 
     13[  Airspan Deployment Plan for Univ Colorado at Boulder][[BR]]
     15b)  Rutgers will provide a kit including: [[BR]]
     16Airspan MacroMAXe profile-C WiMAX base station unit, for outside mounting[[BR]]
     17  Choice of frequency:   [[BR]]
     18  (2510 Lo:  2496MHz to 2570MHz)   [[BR]]
     19  (2510 Mid:  2560MHz to 2630MHz)  [[BR]]
     20  (2510 Hi:  2620MHz to 2690MHz)  [[BR]]
     21  (3650: 3650MHz to 3700MHz)]  [[BR]]
     23NOTE:  WINLAB needs to know frequency choices during November (or early December), so that they can place an order with Airspan for delivery late 2011 or early 2012!
     25Sector antenna, with x4 RF jumper cables [[BR]]
     262x4 MIMO, supported by base station and antenna [[BR]]
     27GPS antenna, with surge suppressor and cable [[BR]]
     28DC power cable, from base station unit (outside) to testbed (inside) [[BR]]
     29Network management software license, 1 per base station [[BR]]
     32c)  Campus will need to provide: [[BR]]
     33Pole for mounting [[BR]]
     34DC power supply (-48v, approx 300W) [[BR]]
     35Ethernet cable, from base station unit (outside) to testbed (inside);  consider copper (may be a problem with lightning surge) or fiber (requires MM fiber cable, and fiber interface on switch) [[BR]]
     36Windows server to host network management software [[BR]]
     37Linux server to host OMF software [[BR]]
     38Ethernet switches, and other network equipment, for access (configuration to be provided) [[BR]]       
     40d)  Additional kits can be purchased from Airspan [[BR]]
     41  Price is approximately $15,000. [[BR]]
     43e)  It is expected that additional base stations kits will be purchased for some (or all) Sol 3 GENI sites in Spiral 5. [[BR]]
     44  Thus, campus site might be able to add additional sectors, at no cost. [[BR]]
     45  Planning for next year will be done later this year. [[BR]]
     46  Consider including additional sectors within your technical plan right away.   [[BR]]
     48f)  Note:  Airspan indicates that they expect to introduce a new base station unit within the next year. [[BR]]
     49  Somewhat reduced performance/range. [[BR]]
     50  Approximately half the cost [[BR]]
     52g)  Airspan indicates that their sector antenna provides:[[BR]]
     53  A 90degree pattern, which is consistent with proper coverage over a 120degree sector.[[BR]]
     54  Four internal elements, to support 2x4 MIMO.[[BR]]
     55  Airspan can provide provide x4 omni-directional antennas, but the cost is much higher, and the range is signifcantly reduced.[[BR]]
     57h)  Airspan shows that their profile-C base station unit can be configured to operate without an ASN GW and without a RADIUS (authentication) server.[[BR]]
     58  In this mode, a list of allowed base stations must be configured into the base station, and groups of these base stations are mapped to a VLAN on the ethernet port.[[BR]]
     59  This appears to be consistent with the current NEC base station unit operated with the ASN GW/WiMAX RF AggMgr code that has been provided by Rutgers/WINLAB[[BR]]
     60  [  MacroMAXe Configuration Guide][[BR]]
     62i)  Airspan shows that if handover operation is desired, an ASN GW must be provided, plus typically an associated RADIUS (authentication) server.[[BR]]
     63  In this case, the base station unit operates with IP at the interface.  [[BR]]
     66j)  Airspan installation instructions [  link]  [[BR]]