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Spiral 1 Addressing

The ProtoGENI clearinghouse will use IP addresses from the existing Emulab address pool for the public interace of the ProtoGENI clearinghouse and the ProtoGENI aggregate/component manager. The address where all Emulab experimenters first log in is is

The component managers for ProtoGENI switches installed in Internet2 will be running on machines at the University of Utah. The IP addresses for the switches will be assigned from private Emulab IP address space, so the management plane for the switches will not be advertised or publicly accessible.

Each ProtoGENI switch in the Internet2 backplane has a PC component that connects to Internet2's commercial Internet service. This interface requires one public IP address per switch. ProtoGENI has requested that Internet2 provide public IP addresses for the switches.

For experiments that require IP addresses for the ProtoGENI switches on the Internet2 backplane, ProtoGENI plans to continue Emulab's practice of usually using private IP space for user topologies. For experiments that require outside IP connectivity, the PC components will run a service that will allow users to access the privately-addressed connectivity along the backbone through the public IP address on the PC. For experiments that do not use IP addresses, the virtual ethernets configured for the Spiral 1 dataplane should suffice.

Addressing for BGPMux/DTunnels in the ProtoGENI cluster is TBD.