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    4141 - [#ChangeSetF2:ActOnSlivers Change Set F2]: Superceded by F3 and F4: Add a new general !ActOnSlivers method allowing AMs to support AM and resource-type specific operations
    4242 - [#ChangeSetF3:SliverAllocationStatesandmethods Change Set F3]: Sliver Allocation States and methods
    43  - [#ChangeSetF4:SliverOperationalStatesandmethods Change Set F4]: Sliver Operational States and methods
     43 - [#ChangeSetF4:SliverOperationsMethod Change Set F4]: Method to perform Sliver Operational actions
     44 - [#ChangeSetF5:SliverOperationalStates Change Set F5]: Sliver Operational States
    4445 - ADOPTED: [#Adopted:ChangeSetG:Credentialsaregeneralauthorizationtokens. Change Set G]: Generalize the credentials argument, allowing ABAC support
    4546 - Change Set H: Clarify: A second call to !CreateSlivers without an intervening !DeleteSlivers is an error.
    503504 - What about an !UpdateAllocations method, similar to !UpdateTickets or !UpdateTransactions from other similar proposals, for modifying allocated resources in place, without losing allocated resources?
    505 == Change Set F4: Sliver Operational States and methods ==
     506== Change Set F4: Sliver Operations Method ==
    506507This proposal was discussed on the geni-dev mailing list:
    545546This is a fast synchronous operation, and MAY start long-running sliver transitions whose status can be queried using !SliverStatus.
     548== Change Set F5: Sliver Operational States ==
     549Currently, geni_status in SliverStatus can have values `configuring`, `ready`, `failed`, `unknown`.
     551This proposal expands that list, and renames those to use the standard 'geni_' prefix.
     553These states would be reported by various AM API methods, specifically !SliverStatus. And would be used in reasoning about valid operations in !PerformOperationalAction
     555Proposed GENI sliver operational states:
     557`geni_notready`: IE after the resource has been provisioned, but before doing `geni_start`
     558`geni_configuring`: IE after doing `geni_start`, but before it is fully ready.
     559`geni_busy`: The sliver is busy changing states. Could be eg after calling `geni_stop`, and before that completes.
     560`geni_ready`: the resource is fully ready for experimenter use
     561`geni_failed`: Something went wrong with the resource. Like it failed to boot. The sliver is unusable, and an operator must intervene.
     562`geni_unknown`: The AM cannot determine the state of the resource. The sliver state may become known, or may require an operator to intervene.
     563`geni_mixed`: For use only in reporting operational state of the full slice at an aggregate, when some resources are ready, and some are notready.
     564`geni_shutdown`: The sliver has been 'shutdown'. EG it has been brought down to a safe boot mode, where it can be inspected but not used.
    547566= Adopted: Change Set G: Credentials are general authorization tokens. =