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     3= The Fourth GENI Research and Educational Experiment Camp (GREE-SC 2014) =
     6== Overview ==
     8The Global Environment for Network Innovation (GENI) infrastructure is becoming a mature virtual laboratory for exploring future Internet at-scale. It supports at-scale experimentation on shared and heterogeneous GENI resources among multiple users, permits users deep programmability throughout the network, and offers collaborative and exploratory environments for innovative research and education. More and more researchers, educators, and students have started or are starting to conduct research and educational experiments on the GENI infrastructure. National Science Foundation (NSF) has sponsored a variety of GENI experiment projects since September 2010. Please refer to for more information.
     10The Fourth  GENI Research and Educational Experiment Camp follows three successful camps held at the Rochester Institute Technology ([ Summer 2012]), University of Connecticut ([ Summer 2013]) and BBN Technologies ([ Winter 2014]).  It will be held at Iowa State University from July 21-25 2014.  It will provide participants opportunities to learn and use the various resources and tools available in the GENI environment through tutorials, labs, and a team-based project.  The camp lasts for five days, culminating with final team presentations by the camp participants on the last day.  Final presentations from the first and second summer camps can be found at and
     12Undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty at different-level colleges are welcome to apply. Industrial attendees are welcome too. The summer camp will focus on Software-defined Network (SDN) and GENI resources in addition to GENI Rack, Flack, Omni tools, and OpenFlow. Attendees will gain hands-on lab experience with multiple GENI resources from GENI experts and use them to develop a team-based project at the summer camp.
     14== Application  ==
     15Please send the following information in a single pdf file to [[BR]]
     16 1. Your '''resume''', including your name, gender, country of citizenship, and if a student, current year in your degree path and when the degree is expected;
     17 2.  A '''short description''' (1-2 pages) on why you are interested in this camp, your expectations, area of interests for GENI experiments, and if applicable, your experience with GENI;
     18 3. For student applicants, a '''support letter''' from your advisor to confirm the expected benefits to the applicant;
     19 4. An '''estimate of travel cost'''.   
     21Preference will be given to applicants who will continue to use GENI resources for research and education after the summer camp, and who will submit their results to the next International Workshop on Computer and Networking Experimental Research Using Testbeds (CNERT 2015).     
     23== Program Details ==
     24  * Date: July 21-25 [[BR]]
     25  * Location: Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50014 [[BR]]
     26  * Lodging and food: covered;
     27  * Travel: covered up to $450, including airfare, and round-trip shuttle between Ames and Des Moines Airport (DSM) [[BR]]
     29== Application Deadline ==
     31May 15, 2014
     33Application submission and inquiries: [mailto:]
     35== Camp Organizers ==
     37Yong Guan (Iowa State University) [[BR]]
     38Kaiqi Xiong (Rochester Institute of Technology) [[BR]]
     39Yin Pan (Rochester Institute of Technology) [[BR]]
     40Bing Wang (University of Connecticut) [[BR]]
     41Mark Berman (BBN-GPO) [[BR]]
     42Niky Riga (BBN-GPO) [[BR]]
     43Vicraj Thomas (BBN-GPO) [[BR]]
     46== Camp Sponsors == 
     48BBN-GENI Program Office/NSF
     50== Contact Information ==