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Prework for GREE-SC 2013

Attendee Checklist

Before you arrive at the summer camp make sure that:

  1. You get an account at the GENI Experimenter Portal ([#AttendeePortalAccount instructions)
  2. You get an account at the ORBIT Wimax Lab (instructions follow)
  3. Identify a laptop that you can bring with you to the summer camp with:
    • at least 4GB of memory
    • a modern processor at least dual core and >1.5 GHz, (no Intel Atom, no netbooks, no tablets)
    • a wi-fi interface
  4. Install VirtualBox on the above laptop (instructions follow)

Attendee: Portal Account Instructions

Attendee: ORBIT Account Instructions

Attendee: VirtualBox instructions

Advisor Instructions

Advisor: Portal Account Instructions

Advisor: ORBIT Account Instructions