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    2929== Portal Account Instructions ==
     30The GENI Experimenter Portal is federated with InCommon.  You may be a member of an institution which is a member of InCommon [1].  If so, you may just be able to log in
     31to the GENI Experimenter Portal using your regular home institution username and password. (Note that GENI never sees your username and password, only some information about who you are.)
     33Please try logging into the GENI Experimenter Portal:
     341. Go to and click the big orange "Use GENI" button
     352. On the institution chooser page, select your home institution.  The text entry field will autocomplete institutions if you type in a few characters. Or you can choose the "pick from list" option and find your institution on the drop down box.
     36        IF your institution does not appear here, '''STOP''' and fill out this form:
     373. Click "Continue".  You should be redirected to your home institution's login page. 
     384. Type in your usual home institution Username and Password. Again, note that this is not sent to GENI.
     395. You should be redirected to a GENI agreement page.
     40        IF this does not happen, STOP and fill out this form:
     416. Check both boxes and submit the page to indicate that you agree to all policies and agree to let the portal work on your behalf.
     43Congratulations, you're done! You should now be at the portal home page and you are ready for the summer camp.
     45If you have any problems or questions, please contact and we'll help you out.
    3147== VirtualBox instructions ==