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    1 == Project Status Report – October 2012 ==
     1= Project Status Report – October 2012 =
    33Period: 11/1/2011 – 10/31/2014
    10 == 1.1. Milestones Achieved ==
     10=== 1.1. Milestones Achieved ===
    1212Three major milestones were achieved during this period.
    13131) All the graduate students who attended GREE-SC2012 are actively using GENI resources for their research projects and planning to submit their work to GREE2013, 2) we have been actively planning and advertising GREE2013, and 3) we have been actively planning and advertising GREE-SC2013. [[br]]
    15 == 1.2 Deliverables Made ==
     15=== 1.2 Deliverables Made ===
    1717The past four months of work on ARPA-GENI have resulted in progress towards three deliverables: 1) the following-up of the students who attended GREE-SC2012, 2) the GREE2013 flyer, and 3) the 2013 GENI summer camp flyer. [[br]]
    1919== 2. Description of Work Performed ==
    21 == 2.1 Activities and Findings ==
     21=== 2.1 Activities and Findings ===
    2222We have followed up with the students who attended GREE-SC2012 on the status of their projects after the summer camp. The students have provided a description of their project topics and experiment setup. Mark Berman and Niky Riga have followed up and provided technical inputs to the students. All of the eight graduate students (one is currently a faculty member of CalPoly) are currently using GENI resources for their research or education projects, and are planning to submit their results to GREE2013. The two undergraduate students who attended GREE-SC2012 are also actively using GENI resources. Both of them have given demos at GEC15. [[br]]
    2424The workshop and summer camp organizing committees have exchanged numerous emails and met several times (in person and over skype) on how to organize the workshop and summer camp. We have finished flyers for these two events, and distributed them to several mailing lists, conferences, and workshops (NSF workshop on Designing Tools and Curricula for Undergraduate Courses in Distributed Systems, SIGCOMM 2012, TridentCom 2012, GEC 15, IMC 2012 (todo)). We have finalized the format of the workshop which includes keynote speech, paper presentations, NSF advice session, panel discussion, and tutorials, and communicated with NSF representatives (Erwin Gianchandani and Bryan Lyles) about the workshop. We have also consulted people working on GENI wireless resources and confirmed that focusing the summer camp on using GENI wireless resources is feasible.   [[br]]
    26 == 2.2 Project Participants ==
     26=== 2.2 Project Participants ===
    2727The Workshop Organizing Committee [[br]]
    5555Niky Riga (BBN-GPO) [[br]]
    57 == 2.3 Outreach Activities ==
     57=== 2.3 Outreach Activities ===
    5858We continue to work with the students who attended GREE-SC2012. In addition, we have been distributing the information on GREE-SC2013 to other students in conferences.
    5959Kaiqi Xiong and his students presented GENI-related posters in the AFOSR PI meeting and the Cyber and Information Challenges 2012 Conference, respectively. Kaiqi Xiong delivered presentations on GENI related projects in AFRL on Sept 21, 2012 and at RIT on October 26, 2012, respectively.
    61 == 2.4 Collaborations ==
     61=== 2.4 Collaborations ===
    6262Our main collaborations to date are with GPO staff. Mark Berman and Niky Riga at GPO served on the workshop and summer camp organizing committees.
    6363We have a lot of communications with Henry Yeh, Mark Berman and Robert Ricci (through emails, skype calls and at GEC15) regarding the logistics of the workshop. We have initiated communication with Ivan Seskar and Harry Mussman on using wireless GENI resources during the summer camp.