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Project Status Report – July 2012

Period: 11/1/2011 – 10/31/2014

1. Major Accomplishments

The main accomplishments this quarter were 1) planning the first GENI research and educational experiment summer camp (GREE-SC2012) 2) hosting GREE-SC2012 at RIT presenting the project plan at GEC12, 3) Starting to plan the second GENI research and educational experiment workshop (GREE2013) at GEC16, and the second GENI research and educational experiment workshop (GREE-SC2013) at UConn.

We have received ~24 non-local applications and ~7 local applications from academia and industry (most of them were from top research universities) including two international applications and two faculty applications except RIT faculty and students. A participant was funded through his adviser’s grant for his participation. A research scientist and team leader from Xerox participated in GREE-SC2012 as well.

It has been shown in the pre- and post-evaluation surveys that most of summer camp participants have improved their understanding of GENI resources from no knowledge or little knowledge to the reasonable level of knowledge for conducting GENI experiments and projects in the summer camp. Each team has made a reasonably good presentation at the end of the summer camp. Furthermore, according to the surveys, 42.86% and 57.14% of the camp participants ranked the summer camp as 4 and 5 out of 5, respectively, and all of them stated that the summer camp met their expectations as well as they would recommend the GENI summer camp to other people and continue to conduct GENI experiments for their course and/or research projects after the summer camp.

The number of paper submissions and the number of participants at GREE2012 are more than what we expected.

1.1. Milestones Achieved

Two major milestones were achieved during this period.

1)GREE-SC2012 hosted at RIT. 10 student participants funded through the BBN/NSF grant as planned and 8 additional participants from Tennessee State University, SUNY Buffalo, Xerox, and RIT except camp organizers, speakers, tutorial instructors and assistants, and camp staff and student helpers.

2) Generous donation and supports from IEEE Computer Communications Society Rochester Chapter as well as RIT’s College of Computing and Information Sciences and RIT’s Department of Networking and Security.

1.2 Deliverables Made

The past four months of work on ARPA-GENI have resulted in progress towards five deliverables:

1) The handout GREE-SC2012 – a guide to the GREE-SC2012
2) The curriculum of GREE-SC 2012 such as introduction to GENI technologies, four tutorials, NSF advices, and an invited speech
3) Camp participants’ team project presentations indicating how much the campers have understood tutorials offered in GREE-SC2012 and used them for team projects
4) The 2012 GENI summer camp flyer
5) The pre- and post-evaluations of GREE-SC2012.

2. Description of Work Performed

2.1 Activities and Findings

The main activities during the past several months have centered on GREE-SC2012. A huge amount of time has been spent on the logistics of the summer camp, for example, the summer camp flyer, the advertisements of the summer camp, the selection of tutorials, the review of campers’ applications, the selection of campers, the camp schedule and curriculum, the invitations of speakers and tutorial instructors, the attraction of donations and supports, the arrangement of campers’ traveling, dining, and lodging, and pre- and post- evaluation surveys. Please see the workshop program and the summer camp flyer for further information at the links:

The GREE-SC2012 wiki:

2.2 Project Participants

The Summer Camp Organizing Committee

Mark Berman (BBN/GPO)
Yong Guan (Iowa State University)
Yin Pan (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Niky Riga (BBN/GPO)

Bing Wang (University of Connecticut)

Kaiqi Xiong, leader (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Student Assistants at Rochester Institute of Technology:
Anand Akella, Binh-Yen Nguyen, Jiten Patel, and Praveen Iyengar

The detailed information of GREE-SC2012 speakers, tutorial instructors and assistants, and an invited speaker can be found in the GREE-SC2012 agenda at the link

Camp participants can be found at the link:

2.3 Team Projects and Presentations

It can be found in the GREE-SC2012 wiki:

2.4 Outreach Activities

Delivered a presentation regarding GENI and the 2012 GENI summer camp in the IEEE Rochester monthly meeting in April 2012.

2.5 Collaborations

Our main collaborations to date are with GPO staff. Mark Berman and Niky Riga at GPO served on the organizing committees. We have a lot of communications with Henry Yeh, Mark Berman, and Niky Riga at GPO regarding the logistics of the summer camp and tutorial instructors and assistants regarding the curriculum of GREE-SC2012. We have also been communicating with Zongming Fei, Hussamuddin Nasir, Rob Ricci, and Niky Riga when using ProtoGENI, Flack, and Instools experiments in classroom.

2.6 Other Contributions

Kaiqi Xiong and his students have delivered oral presentations, posters, and/or demos at GECs since GEC10.

All GREE-SC2012 documents can be found at the wiki: