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Project Number


Project Title

Adopt-A-GENI: Bringing Users into the GENI Community
a.k.a. AAG

Technical Contacts

PI Zongming Fei, University of Kentucky (
Co-PI James Griffioen, University of Kentucky (
Co-PI Kobus Van der Merwe, University of Utah (
Co-PI Robert Ricci, University of Utah (

Participating Organizations

University of Kentucky

University of Utah

GPO Engineer

GPO GENI Architect: Marshall Brinn


This project will make it easy to incorporate SDN network resources into GENI by developing automated services that make it easy for experimenters to route and send their traffic across SDN switches in their slice. Experimenters using standard routing paths should be able to do this without any knowledge of OpenFlow rules.

Project Technical Documents

Quarterly Status Reports

AAG post GEC19 Report March 2014
AAG post GEC20 Report July 2014