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    33== Period: Through 9/30/2012 ==
    5 == I. Major accomplishments ==
     5== I. Major accomplishments ==
    66=== A. Milestones achieved ===
    77|| '''Milestone''' ||   '''Status''' ||         '''Begin Date''' ||     '''End Date''' ||       '''Notes''' ||
    1818 * GEC 14: attended by Steve Corbato and Joe Breen
    1919 * FOAM and Flowvisor installation complete
    20  *
     20 * UEN Aggregate Switch implemented with full connectivity for ProtoGENI and first Utah InstaGENI Rack
    2222== II. Description of work performed during last quarter ==
    4545The UEN GENI Project participants have collaborated closely with BBN GPO staff and Internet2 staff in order to achieve success on the milestones.  Tim U, Josh S and Ali of the BBN GPO and Stanford staff were invaluable in getting the FOAM/Flowvisor installations functional.  They provided the constant support necessary to ferret out all of the subtle issues around documentation, file permissions, etc.  Tim U, Matt Z and Internet2/Indiana engineers helped put together a flexible implementation that leveraged the existing resources of the ProtoGENI backbone, Internet2 backbone and the GENI OpenFlow backbone. 
     47Collaborations with UEN engineering staff, Univ of Utah Center for High Performance Computing staff, Univ of Utah IT staff (security, networking, systems, etc.) have made the implementation go smoothly.  The interactions have raised awareness of the project and helped balance the research infrastructure with the production infrastructure of UEN and the Univ. of Utah.
     49Collaborations with Rob Ricci, the ProtoGENI staff and the Flux/Emulab staff have tuned the infrastructure to meet the experimenter needs, both in timing and feature-support.  Rob provides oversight to the work and provides guidance on scheduling of experiments, etc.  His group also act as a resource in understanding the experimenter perspective and experimenter requirements.
    4752=== F. Other Contributions ===