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End-user Opt-In Working Group "Writing Meeting" in NYC

A working meeting of the End-User Opt-In WG was held on Tuesday, April 14, 10am - 4pm in NYC, at Columbia University (Computer Science Building, Room 453).

The agenda includes attendees, objectives and references.

This meeting met its objectives, which were to: finish the meeting with a better understanding of GENI opt-in issues;
provide a baseline view of GENI opt-in that can be expanded in the coming months;
and to add content to the DRAFT document: “GENI End-User Opt-In Overview”.

See for the current DRAFT of the "GENI End-User Opt-In Overview" document.

If you are interested in reviewing the overview document, please contact the WG Chairs, the WG System Engineer, or send mail to the WG mailing list.

To be able to discuss solutions to opt-in issues requires a knowledge of the strucutre of a GENI suite i.e., the entities, actors and agreements. It was decided to discuss possible structures, and identify likely reference structures, and this has been summarized in a DRAFT document. See] for the current DRAFT of the "GENI Structure Overview" document.


Contributions on Dartmouth Internet Security Testbed and on CRAWDAD project at Dartmouth College , provided via email on March 30, 2009, by David Kotz – Dartmouth College at CRAWDAD_Experience.

Aaron Burstein has submitted this contribution: Issues Relating to Data Acquisition, Retention, Use and Disclosure

Chairs: Henning Schulzrinne, Helen Nissenbaum

Working Group System Engineer: Harry Mussman

Send email to WG Mail List: WG Mail List

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