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    4 A "writing meeting" of the [GeniOptIn End-User Opt-In WG] is being planned to meet on Tuesday, April 14, 10am - 4pm in NYC, at Columbia University (room TBA). 
     4A working meeting of the [GeniOptIn End-User Opt-In WG] is being planned to meet on Tuesday, April 14, 10am - 4pm in NYC, at Columbia University (Computer Science Building, Room 453). 
    7 The goal is to produce a draft document outlining topics such as
    8 - the kinds of experiments users can participate in
    9 - how to encourage user opt-in
    10 - what to do (and not) about IRBs
    11 - what developers of applications and infrastructure services should tell users (data gathering, reliability, duration, ...)
    12 - other topics raised at GEC3 and GEC4.
     7The objective is to add content to the DRAFT document:  “GENI End-User Opt-In Overview”  (working title).
     9To date, five end-user opt-in use cases have been identified:
     11•       Use Case 1:  User opt-in to GENI experiment for service
     12•       Use Case 2:  Wholesale opt-in to GENI of traffic
     13•       Use Case 3:  A disruptive GENI experiment
     14•       Use Case 4:  Opt-in of user resources to a GENI experiment
     15•       Use Case 5:  Gathering data involving opt-in users in a GENI experiment
     17These use cases then drive requirements on capabilities that are being included into GENI, including:
     19•       Capability 1:  Gateway from GENI to another network, e.g., the Internet
     20•       Capability 2:  Contribution (or association) of a user’s node to an experiment on GENI
     21•       Capability 3:  Gathering logs and experiment data on GENI (some possibly user-identifiable) and managing their distribution
     23Finally, we expect various common policy themes to arise from an examination of the policies and best practices required for each use case, such as:
     25•       Privacy policies for end-users
     26•       Disclosure policies
     30For each use case, we want to better understand and write down: 
     31        the players, their motivation and relationships;
     32        major issues (incentives, risks to consider, etc.)
     33        and a first cut at policies and best practices when operating in a GENI environment.
     36We want to finish this meeting with a better understanding, and a few pages of text for each use case.  Then, we hope to have a baseline view of GENI opt-in that can be expanded in the coming months. 
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